Beyond the Cutting Edge: Chapter seven

They met up at the Bolt Estate, prepared for what could be their final day, Tristan was eager to explain what the palace did to his friends. “Everyone today is the day that we end an evil organization, a group actually going so far as to try and create mind control, they’re insane I know. There is however a small chance that this will actually work, we can’t risk that. More importantly I hate them I want them to pay for framing me.” Tristan ranted once they arrived at his house as he Scavvenged through his stuff and picked out things he felt could be of use and then he found it, a loose piece of metal which he began to bend and shape while his friends looked at him as if he were a lunatic. “Did you get enough sleep last night Tristan?” Lisa asked sympathetically while reaching a hand out to comfort him. “Don’t worry about it; I’ve got everything under control.” Tristan said with a smirk as he removed a pocket knife and carved out eye holes into it. “What are you doing?” Kaylie asked feeling just as confused as everyone else but willing to question their friend’s actions and even sanity. “Obviously I’m faking his mask design, they’ll think I’m him I can get them to confess, I’ll just need you guys to distract him.” Tristan said happily practically jumping as he reached for the proper paints to create the desired design. “This seems like sort of a horrible idea.” Blue said, expressing his concerns in the most blatant way imaginable.
Tristan ignored the criticism of his friends and picked out black clothes to change into. “You’ll soon bow down to me.” Tristan said perfectly matching the voice of gear as he put the mask over his face. His friends were instantly taken aback by how perfect his disguise was, even they could scarcely tell him from the original. “Now my loyal men, let us go forth with my master plan, we’ve a world to change, and very little time to do so.” Tristan said in his Gear voice, sending chills up the spines of every one of his friends. “I Think you should just stop the voice for now “ Blue asked timidly. “I cannot afford such luxuries number two, I’ve got to perfect this voice, and all the mannerism, I must become one with this façade, shouldn’t be too hard as he is probably nothing like this at all. It’s an odd combination of both regal and restrained, a savage beast being held back by pure force of will, dangerous and powerful yet elegant in its own way, a strange mix indeed, but I can form this visage easily enough.” Tristan said before mimicking the dark laughter of his enemy. His friends shot him dark looks but he ignored it and began to march towards his dark destiny, the entire world was his to collect. Tristan was ready to pull the con of his life.
Gear laughed loudly as his men left their domain, leaving him alone in the darkness. “Remember the darkness, and no one will forget us, today is the day the order of steal goes public, and soon they shall flock to join my flock.” Gear yelled as his men rushed out to meet their destiny, fate was smiling upon the town of Cutting Edge as Gear’s dark plot finally reached phase five. They marched through the dead zone collecting the back of trees killed by the green river, the waters which flowed with toxins from the factories, it remained tainted by the darkness of the metal forest even during the years of disuse, but now as the metal forest became part of Gear’s plan the water became thicker and opaque. Pollution killed much of the Dark forest and contributed to its darkness. Everything was falling into place.
“Vile scum, prepare to suffer.” Blue yelled appearing before the order of steal and tossing a spear down towards them, it landed close to the head of two. “Get him!” Yelled two. They chased him as he ran through the dark forest, through h is many traps designed to slow them down, he took them through much looping back around many times keeping them busy for a very long time, what felt like hours but was actually only forty five minutes. They came upon the clearing where the dead body of Abigail was located by the sheriff’s men. There they found Tristan cloaked in his lie, prepared to order the order to turn themselves in. Blue stopped before the masked man hoping it was his friend and not the real Gear. Then the Sherriff appeared. “Morning, received an anonymous tip, something bout a gang?” The members of the order instantly fell to their knees and said in unison. “We are guilty; we came here following our leader.” They pointed to Tristan. “He called himself Mr. Bolt.” Called out two with a smirk. The sheriff handcuffed him and removed the mask, revealing Tristan. “Seems your men ratted you out after all, Mr. Bolt.” The sheriff said with a heavy sigh as his many deputies cuffed the members of the order. Tristan panicked as he quickly tried to figure out a way out, what was happening; to him was this the plan all along. Had he finally been conned?
He found himself back in his cell, chained to the ceiling tightly, he couldn’t move, the cells around him were filled by the order of steal so even if he could remove his chains they would obviously make enough noise for the deputies to return him to his place, he was trapped, truly trapped. With the guards gone they began to laugh at him. Even their laughter was in unison, it went on for hours and hours, until the darkness returned to the sky. He hated himself for falling for such a simple trick as far as Tristan was concerned, he deserved to be in jail for his stupidity, thinking he could simply tell them all to go to jail, was the dumbest idea he’d ever had. He hung their mocking himself under his breath, eyes closed holding back the tears and then he felt something on his face, it was a mask. He looked up only to see he was wearing a mask, the cell was still locked no one was there, no one was anywhere him. “Who did this?” He asked aloud confused. “What are you talking about Master, no one touched you. We only did as you said and turned ourselves in, just as you asked m’lord.” Soke several of the order in unison. “You’re all fools, why does he keep you around if you’re so stupid, you saw me without the mask you know I’m not him.” He shouted angrily. “We were finally blessed to see your face, as you promised would happen, and you look just like the child of darkness.” They called out. That was when he snapped.

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