Beyond the Cutting Edge: chapter nine

Tristan awoke surrounded by hooded men, their faces more than obscured by shadows. They seemed to be changing some ancient hymn, it was beyond understanding. They walked in a small circle, he was being orbited. They held candles and had a horrible aura, though Tristan knew next to nothing on the subject he knew he trusted them, and he knew they wouldn’t harm him, at least not yet, which was enough for him. “Who are you people?” He asked as he realized he couldn’t move. “We are of the order of shadows, a religious sect interested in doing the completion if the palace project, no spy we send comes back, so my men here came to investigate the only free man to leave.” A man in a crimson version of the hooded robe his circling men wore. “We’ve gotten ask the days we need from you there is no reason to worry, Prince of Parties.” The man in red said dryly. “I’m not going to let you get in my way, I don’t want any order stopping me.” Tristan said coughing as he began to regain feeling in his legs. “Father, he’s moving.” One of the circling men said. “That’s not possible, and you’re not suitable to speak around nonbelievers, remember your place brother lest I speak your name.” The man in red said in response while turning to leave. Tristan got up and punched the man in black who spoke, the other men in black circling him ignored the punch and stepped over their fallen comrade. “I can move, I can do anything I want, I’m far greater than you know, whatever you gave me to keep me down, whatever Gear used to keep people out, it doesn’t matter, I am unstoppable, I am Tristan Bolt, I shall not bow down to your order of shadows, or his order of steal or any other order you bring me, I am beyond.” Tristan said calmly as he straitened the collar of his shirt. The man in red turned to see Tristan standing over the fallen follower. “I don’t know what you are, but you can’t be human, to me brethren, we’ve collected the datum we’ll find out exactly what he is from the oracle.” The man in red said and instantly all his men surrounded him, including the one with the bloody nose.
“Odd way to start the day, is that common for this town?” Blue asked from his spot sitting atop the central chimney of the Manour. “Yeah, then we get to go have a car race into the sapphire sea, all before breakfast.” Tristan gripped marching through the window into his house only to find several of his guests remained sleeping in his house, he was instantly annoyed. “I can’t believe Rich would do that to me.” Tristan complained as he began wiping down a counter top and pushing some young girl off his breakfast table. “Well he does think you killed the love of his life.” Blue said calmly. Tristan shot him a look which sent chills up his spine. “I’m not saying he has a right, just that it’s understandable.” Blue remarked as he shrunk slightly. “Just go wake up these people; I’ll see if I can make us a proper meal, Bolt style.” Tristan said cheesily. Blue chuckled to himself as he went to end the rest of the annoying partygoers. Tristan fried six eggs into a giant cheese tomato and spinach omelet, which he cut in half and put into two separate whole wheat wraps. (He had time to restock his fridge the previous day with some of the money he made from selling the jewelry.) He seared the wraps closed with a different type of cheese and put each on a separate plate, though Tristan rarely enjoyed cooking his own meals, he was so happy to be back in his own kitchen he loved every second of it, even the part where hot oil splashed onto his arm during the cooking leaving a small black dot on his left arm.
With the participants of the previous night’s festivities removed Tristan and Blue ate happily. “See my dad and brother used to make this, it’s got tons of protein and vitamins and you can take it on the go with you for when you’ve got a job, but make sure to change gloves because they could get greesey if you’re not careful.” Tristan explained with his mouth close to full. “You must eat this all the time then.” Blue said between bites. “No not really only when I’m thinking about them.” Tristan explained taking another large bite. “What are we doing about the shadow people?” Blue asked. “Not a clue, but they could be the real killers actually.” Tristan said sounding as if he just discovered this information himself. “Why would they?” Blue asked. “Well they could have tried to frame the Steal, who then framed me to get out of it, even if that’s true I’ll still need to take down Steal, but this isn’t just revenge anymore, I gave up on revenge, I need to bring both orders to justice, they’re obviously both insane cults, and I’ll bring justice to this whole world if I have to.” Tristan ranted munching on more of his food. “Regular houses aren’t this big, why would this place be huge?” Blue asked awkwardly as if he’d been thinking about it for hours unsure exactly how to form the question. “The story goes the main houses of the town were The Bolt’s The Volt’s and the Watt’s, they were rich and powerful and convinced a rich man named Gray T. to come build a factory in the town so that trade and jobs would come to this land. This house is actually older than all the abandoned ones surrounding it, older larger and with many more hidden secrets.” Tristan explained before taking a sip of a strange orange liquid he’d removed from the fridge. “What is that?” Blue asked. “You’re full of questions today, it’s carrot juice want a glass?” Tristan explained drinking more. Blue laughed at the thought of carrots producing juice then Tristan explained that too. Their conversation continued like that for a long time as they cleaned.
“Foolish shadow, speak to me now, I’ve one question for you, one question then you can return to your shallow pathetic existence.” Gear spoke into the surrounding fog. “You call me foolish yet seek my advice, I suggest you heed my previous warnings, the might of the steal and deception of shadows, should not clash lest you bring destruction to the Palace you treasure.” The mysterious voice responded. “I’ve no time for your games, I just want to know how he could refuse my offer.” Gear responded angrily his inner madness showing. “The child who escaped death hides his face in disgrace and wonders why the child who avoids the past refuses, fine I’ll tell you this once and only once, even when he has nothing at all Tristan Bolt is far greater than Vin..” “Never speak that name you wretched imp, You know very well how I feel about that name, and even that face, I’ve made myself a new name and a new face, and no one is better than Master Gear.” Gear responded with manic laughter. “You speak falsely, he bested you at your own game just as you bested him at his, but you can’t worry about the child of destruction if you continue to poke and prod where you don’t belong, leave the shadows be.” The voice warned, but as usual his warnings were ignored. He was always ignored; he longed to be free from his curse.
“Well you cleaned up without us for once? I’m shocked and impressed; Jungle Boy is a good influence on you.” Lisa said happily while staring at the clean hallway. “Technically that’s Forest Lad.” Kaylie corrected. Blue laughed at them. Tristan ignored their humour and began explaining his morning encounter. “The Order of Shadows, I know about them, they’re in one of the books.” Kaylie said happily. “Which one I thought I read them all.” Lisa inquired. “One of my magic trick books.” Kaylie murmured looking away from the crowd. “Tell us everything.” Tristan demanded calmly. “They’re an old secret society thing, every member has to pretend to be normal except when they receive the call then they must dawn special apparel, whatever that means, and go to a meeting spot. It’s so large they have chapters of it in different places, I thought the book said the group mostly died out around sixty years before the book was written so that’s like seventy or eighty years ago.” Kaylie expositioned rapidly. “So maybe they didn’t die out everywhere, or someone is using the old name.” Blue thought aloud. “Is that all? I don’t mean to sound rude, but I was hoping for something useful.” Tristan griped. “Well if they’re in one book they’re in others, we should probably go to the non burnt library,” Lisa suggested. “I’ll see if I can find a book on them in the burnt one too.” Blue said with a smirk, excited to return to the ruins of a library. “Fine, do as you see fit, I’m heading to her spot of death, maybe I’ll find a clue, pretty sure crime scenes are supposed to be the first spot we look.” Tristan said with a forced smile. They went their sepearte ways prepared for another rough day of searching for clues and going in all the wrong directions until they find the truth.

The grass fields in which e first saw Gear were exactly how he Remembered them, down to the crows everywhere, he walked further on expecting to see a chalked outline or maybe blood, it was almost an entire week since the girl was found, and she had been dead there for days. But there was no chalk, no blood or gore, it was just a beautiful meadow, as if nothing had ever gone wrong. The crows seemed to come closer to him, as if he was cloaked within the scent of death. “This is stupid.” Tristan complained to himself as he searched for the spot of death expecting it to be near there, which it wasn’t. He found it half an hour later, a mile away from where he met Gear, a chalk outline of a girl, and several flowers left in her honour. Tristan thought it oddly pathetic that an entire life, especially one as energetic as Abagale’s could be reduced to a white outline, he felt truly alone. “Caw, caw” Tristann assumed this noise was just another crow. “Feeling remorse?” Rich said appearing with a fresh set of flowers. “Do you really think I did it?” Tristan said his eyes filled with tears. “I do, you’re the devil, you always have been, life and death are your playthings.” Rich said confidently. “You idiot, I can’t be stopped by the cops, if I was the killer no one would find the body, and no one would suspect me.” Tristan remarked quietly. “We almost didn’t find the body, it was only thanks to all these crows that we knew to look here.” Rich replied. “They couldn’t have been here for her alone if they remain.” Tristan yelled excitedly as he began rushing in an out of all the bushes in the area in search for something, or rather someone. “What are you talking about?” Rich yelled trying to keep up with the thief. “Obviously there’s more death or the murder of crows would disperse.” Tristan explained while checking within a blueberry bush.
Rich found the body, it was an old man in a lab coat, the sheriff got there within the hour. “So let me guess, you didn’t kill this one either?” The sheriff questioned expectantly. “Why would I show you the body of a guy I killed? This is proof that something big is going on and you need to look into this too, it can’t just be me and whoever I can trick into helping me.” Tristan pleaded. “Maybe, I mean we make it no secret that we dislike you, but if there’s a repeat death than we can’t just get rid of someone we don’t like we need to actually find the killer so they don’t strike again. However, if it should turn out you were behind this too, well let’s just say the firing squad’ll be the least of your worries, partner.” The sheriff explained as he ordered several of the deputies to scour the area for more bodies and any clues they could find.
Tristan left the field of death satisfied he’d set the officials on the right track for a change, it felt good to be working on the right side of the law for a change, he wondered if that was how his father felt. “Liberating isn’t it. Maybe the way some of the most holy feel the need to do corrupt so did my father feel the need to bring order. I guess now that I’ve felt it, I can’t turn my back on it, living in both worlds feels great.” Tristan said aloud as he kept walking through the market. “Good evening good sir, you of thieves should spend some time in the market, you sir need my help.” Said a man with a strange accent, he was a trader, most likely from a foreign land. “I’m much too busy to worry about your imported goods, I don’t care if you know about my stealing.” Tristan remarked. “I think you’re going to be surprised good sir, you’ve been seeking advice from my younger brother for years, I’ve come to free him but I need help to do so, and in return I’ll grant a wish of yours.” The man said with a smirk. “No one believes you.” Tristan replied darkly. “Of course of course, but perhaps I should tell you my name, I am Dreagon.” The man said to him from his stand which seemed to be selling a collection of strange fruits the likes of which Tristan had never before seen.


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