Questions For The Audience

Good hello morning to you.   I’ve decided to make a quick survey, why you may our may not be asking, no idea, just seemed fun.  Anyway if you’re not too busy head to the comment section with your answers or better yet, blog post your answers and link back.

who is your favourite author, and why?
what is your favourite book?
if you play videogames, which are your top three favorites?
what was your best quality in your own opinion?
do you like to capture fireflies/lightningbugs?
and last but not least
what colours are your eyes?

If you enjoyed this intense investigation then try subscribing or maybe answering the questions, could be fun, I know it well be for me!



4 thoughts on “Questions For The Audience

  1. 1. I can’t choose between Stephen King, Paulo Coelho, Agatha Christie and Enid Blyton! Love their books!
    2. Favourite books hmm…from all the authors above but if I really had to choose I’d say Enid Blyton and her books.
    3. Don’t play video games!
    4. Hmm…could be that I can take complex concepts and try to break it down into simple ones? That’s what I have been told 😛
    5. Nope….don’t do that!
    6. Brown!

  2. 1. Dave Eggers
    2. Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis
    3. I haven’t played a video game since Super Nintendo, Clayfighter. That was my shit.
    4. Survival
    5. Absolutely. But I have to let them go.
    6. Blue.

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