Beyond the Cutting Edge: Chapter eleven

The day began at dawn, Tristan awoke with a smile, his mind had been working through the ideas and facts he had been researching for almost a week. Tristan awoke and made himself a smoothie out of some of the fresh fruits and vegetables left for him by Kaylie and Blue. He drank it down while holding his nose, expecting it to be gross, to his surprise the exact proportions he utilized was delicious. Tristan was pleased with his meal, he was pleased with his friends, he marched over to Lisa and Kaylie’s house, ready for another day of investigation, his mind was already trying to form a routine for him to follow. “Oh, the world is not, so bad, although it is quite sad, I wish I could I wish I would, save it all once again, the world is not so bad.” Tristan sung to himself as he approached the door of their house and knocked something he had never actually done before. Their Father opened the door with a soulful look of dread. “Where are my girls?” Said the father of his best friends. Without a second’s hesitation he ran off to find them instantly aware that something went wrong but not sure what. Tristan ran deep into the forest, elegantly dodging the traps marked on the map he memorized the prior night. “HElP EMERGENCY!!” Tristan bellowed while hoping up the tree into the small fort Blue lieved within. “What’s wrong?” Blue questioned, he was hanging upside down from a banister of the structure, clearly in the middle of some form of excersize. “Lisa, Kaylie, Missing.” Tristan stated between gasps, he was out of breath. “I’ll Track them down in no time.” Blue said with a smirk before he jumped out of the fort landing on a different tree, he too had the traps memorized. The two of them headed for the Bolt Estate, it was the last place either of them had seen the girls, quickly enough Blue found that tracking in a world of concrete was a lot more difficult than he expected, they searched for an hour before it happened.
Three men in white cloaks appeared, they were obviously from the Order of Shadows, Blue and Tristan prepared for a battle, but instead the three just looked past them and said in unision, “We are trackers, we’ve found your friends, a young lad named Rich took them, since you four are needed for the battle of Shadow and Steel, we’ll try to earn your favour by rescuing them, we saw where they were taken, please follow us.” They then turned and walked away, expecting Tristan and Blue to follow, there was a moment’s hesitation when they each mentally assessed the likelyhood of this being a trap, only to realize simultaneously and seperatly, they had no choice in the matter. “Right in here,” The three said pointing to a secret hallway in one of the abandoned houses. “This place is creepy, I like it.” Tristan remarked pondering the possibility of linking the secret tunnels under his house to the ones at this house. But when the men lead them down to where they expected Kaylie and Lisa, they found only an open door and two piles of rope. “We don’t understand, they were taken in here, we watched him tie them up.” The three spoke as one again. “They’re escape artist, but thanks for trying, they probably took a while to get out, I wonder where they would go after that.” Tristan thought out loud, but then he saw Blue’s face, and instantly knew Blue had realized something important. “What is it?” Tristan inquired. “I know where they are, come with me.” Blue said before running away at full speed, Tristan could barely keep pace.
They quickly reached the tree fort and Blue jumped out the other side landing in a safe spot, he surveyed the land and found what he was looking for, an open pit. “There they are,” Blue yelped. Tristan rushed over and jumped down into the hole, helping his friends up from their dark prison. “What happened to you two this time?” Tristan said with a chuckle. “We got kidnapped, escaped and tried to go into hiding for a little while, but we got stuck.” Lisa belted out all at once. Kaylie shot her a look which confirmed they had previously agreed to keep at least part of that story a secret, though Tristan couldn’t tell why. The four of them were in the tree fort soon enough, and Blue made Lisa and Kaylie memorize the new trap map. “Now that we’re all here, and safe, we need to discuss our future. The trial date has been issued, and it’s a full month away. But we won’t let any of this time go to waste; I want this case solved as of yesterday.” Tristan said sternly. “Yes sir,” The three friends said jokingly but in unison. Tristan laughed at them. “We really do need to figure this out; we must have enough clues by now to know something.” Tristan said after his short outburst of the giggles. “Well, I think we need you to tell us who Gear is, you said a few times you figured out who he is.” Kaylie said with a smile. “Oh, I thought I told you guys already, he’s my brother, Vincent Bolt.” Tristan said dryly. “He died though.” Blue said confused. “Apparently not, which is another thing I’m mad at him about, why would you fake dying like that?” Tristan complained. “I don’t understand, how did you know?” Kaylie questioned. “I recognize my brother, even with a stupid mask, he’s a Bolt through and through, you must have noticed he was referred to as ‘Mr. Bolt’ at one point, he has the same voice as me, I thought it was super obvious.” Tristan explained while looking gout over the forest from the window. They stopped and thought about what was happening, the entire world seemed to be one mystery after another. They discussed possibilities and contemplated what to do next, but a thought occurred to Tristan, he remembered something or rather someone, Dreagon. He knew he had to separate from the group in order to talk to Dreagon, and maybe Dreagon’s brother. “Remember the temple place, you called it the forest drain, you three go investigate that area, I’ll go look elsewhere.” Tristan said suddenly. They all looked at him confused, as if he had said something unreasonable. “Okay then Tristan, we can do that I guess.” Lisa said, sounding confused. The four separated and Tristan rushed off to the market.
He arrived quickly, it was obvious Dreagon was expecting him. “You wish for me to prove I am his brother?” Dreagon said with a wicked smile. “No one cares who you are, only that you can help me, what do you want me to do, and how can you help?” Tristan said darkly. “As you wish, lord Bolt, here’s a hint, things are much less complex than you make them, though you’re very very far from the truth, I may not be as all knowing as my younger brother, but I know exactly what happened to the girl.” Dreagon said while showing him a crystal orb which fogged for a second then revealed an image of Abigail, in the field waiting for Tristan, Gear appeared behind her and spoke to her. “I need you to reconsider, you’ll be perfect for my plans, Just cancel your contract with Tristan and join the Order, we could use a warrior like you, you don’t need to remain a part of the shadows forever.” Gear said before walking away, off to where he would see Tristan. Abigail smiled wickedly. “I will join him; I think that’s how I escape this pain.” She said, before the image faded and the crystal orb became clear once more. “You see my friend, I know exactly what happened to your friend you need only to help me free my brother.” Dreagon said joyfully. “You’ve earned my services, and as I’m sure you know, I always get the job done.” Tristan said feeling hopeful and triumphant again. “Good, first, bring me to him I don’t actually know his location.” Dreagon said in a whisper. Tristan started walking away he waited at some point in the distance to check if Dreagon had noticed he should follow, Dreagon remained perfectly still. Tristan marched back over. “What’s your problem let’s go?” Tristan asked. “I’m not able to move in sunlight, I only move at night.” Dreagon explained. Tristan thought this absurd, but couldn’t possibly care any less about the problems of these strange beings who had been helping him in secret for years. He picked up Dreagon, who weighed a lot more than Tristan anticipated, but he didn’t care, he marched into the dark forest holding the man who felt as if made from steal. “I Thank you for your assistance.” Dreagon said when they reached the fog.
“You’ve found me at long last brother? I see you haven’t changed at all.” Spoke the shadows and the fog. “You’re still a nobody I see.” Dreagon joked. The two laughed, as Tristan stood there in bewilderment at how jovial the two could be when together as neither seemed to be friendly when separated, was this how family was supposed to be he wondered. Kaylie and Lisa were similar, and he hadn’t paid much attention to other families, he decided it was the norm, and it only made him angrier at his brother. “Enough, who killed her, now!” Tristan demanded angrily, his emotions surging beyond the topics he attributed them to. “You seek knowledge of a specific case but have you looked at the statistics of cases in general?” Asked the voice. “Of course I did, stop wasting my time.” Tristan responded. “He’s far from free this was step one, once he’s free so to you shall be.” Dreagon said. “Garh I’ll never see the end of any of this, fine what do I do next.” Tristan said. “We’ll need leaches from the green river and stone from the forest drain, we’ll need the bark of a sacred tree and we’ll need royal blood, just a drop will do.” The voice explained happily. This was the first time Tristan had ever heard the voice express any emotion other than boredom or mild annoyance, it was the first time the voice seemed to care about what was going on, it touched Tristan’s heart. “Fine, but even if this nonsense doesn’t work you still have to help me, got it?” Tristan said as he rushed off to the forest drain.
“You three are really impressive you know, it took twenty of my best men half an hour to capture you.” Gear complimented while circling the three lazily. “Now that I have you, you’ll be the perfect leverage to make that fool join us.” He said with dark laughter. “We knbow your name.” Lisa said. Gear stopped circling, and turned to face her, as if his world stopped for a second upon hearing the words. “You know my what?” Gear said vindictively. “We know your name.” She repeated without fear. “You think you know my name, of course you do, and soon the whole world will know it, they shall worship Master Gear!” he ranted aloud. “Yes, but your name is Vince.” Kaylie whispered. Gear backed away at the sound, as if it were a dark poison infecting him. “You will not refer to me in such derogatory terms, I’ve paid you every kindness one can afford to prisoners, and you resort to petty name calling. How unbecoming of you.” Gear said madness evident in his voice. “Henceforth I shalln’t be so cordial, I can just as easily show you the sort of stuff it took to turn me from a normal man into a god, and trust me you won’t survive that at all.” Gear said laughing like the madman he truly was.

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