Why would she want my teeth?

I’m going to talk about something I mentioned in an earlier post, but don’t worry you don’t have to read it to understand what’s going on around here.  I’ll let you catch up quickly by simply saying, the tooth fairy spooked out the childhood version of echo.  For those of you keeping track, thought goosebumps was a comedy feared the tooth fairy and had a hated of purple related to elephants.  More on that later.
So the question remains how can someone be afraid of the little fairy who leaves cash for molars. The answer, because she gets into my room while I sleep and that is not allotted, access denied. I’ve had no fear of the bogeyman and often planed to trap one, but a flying creature who would sneak in all dental ninja like was something I could not abide.  My teeth were well hidden far from my bed and saved as evidence, Whenever a tooth became loose I filed with dread, this actually had some positive effects as I brushes and flossed in the hopes of never seeing a tooth error for her to correct.  This fear stayed with me until my mother realized what torture the fairy charade had done and revealed the truth, to this day I still shiver when the tooth fairy is mentioned on tv.  Most notably in the super scary film DARKNESS FALLS so many sleepless nights.  Because after that film I checked the tooth vault, only to find they had been replaced by coins.

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4 thoughts on “Why would she want my teeth?

  1. We all have irrational fears…and you know just reading your post now makes me feel a little afraid of them too!
    My irrational fear is of insects….even “beautiful” butterflies…I don’t know why…I think of them as evil!!

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