Beyond the Cutting Edge: Chapter fifteen

A war waged on, a girl followed a trail of blood, another peered into what should never be seen, and the child of destruction was about to fulfill his destiny, they had been warned by the voice of the fog, but they had ignored him. “I’m sorry that you’ve been mislead all these year, but I don’t actually need a body guard, I’m the Archmage around here, the dark magics of shadows come from me.” The man in gray said a black bladed sword appeared in his hand. Gear cackled like the mad man he was then began his assault swinging wildly, being easily parried by the man in gray. “I’m spry and youthful, I don’t need any magic to stop you, but I’m not opposed to using it anyways.” Gear said as his sword began to glow, the man in gray’s sword did the same. Tristan stood there staring at the two of them, feeling ignored, something he usually loved, it gave him time to do what he really wanted, which was often steal something or move something, misdirection was a big part of his life, but tonight, in that chamber in the light of the soul gem, Tristan wanted, no demanded, respect. “ENOUGH!” Tristan exclaimed while two of his throwing daggers found their way into the arms of the two men fighting before him. “I’m tired of this, you’re going to explain what’s going on right now or die, I don’t care if you died before or did some magical nonsense, right here and right now I’m in charge and I’m in control I don’t care if you think you’re a god or a prophet right now I have the power and you’ll do as I say.” Tristan explained before his common sense could catch up and remind him he had yet to find leverage to use against them. The two men exchanged confused looks before proceeding to do a joint assault against Tristan Bolt.
Lisa found herself in some strange underground forest, located beneath her house, she knew it was there, she didn’t know how she knew. She walked slowly following the blood which seemed to be too much for just the gaurds. She heard a roar a growl and then screams, she rushed ahead only to find more gaurds dressed in the garb of the Shadows. “We coulodn’t stop it, there’s no way that thing is human.” One of them said to her, not caring that she wasn’t a member, just longing to give out one final message before he died. Lisa quickly sealed their wounds by ripping pieces of their black robes for use as bandgages. “Drama queens the lot of you, if you just stop and save yourself, you’ll be fine.” She complained while moving on following a fresh trail. Blue was the reason they were there, whatever chaos her friends may cause, it would be pointless if she couldn’t get to Blue before he got hurt. He was howling like a wolf when she finally caught up to him, some twenty half dead people from both shadow and steal later. “Blue, shut up with this random killings right now, control yourself or I will.” She yelled at him. Blue seemed shocked by this, he looked at her as if he couldn’t recognize her for a moment, then fell unconscious from his own blood loss. She rushed to him hoping she still had time to save him.
Lisa was filled with magic, not her own she had very little of that, but what little she had she inadvertently used to activate the full force of the condenced magic drained out from the forest over the course of many years. It would have killed her instantly had it not been purified by the men she knocked unconscious moments earlier, her eyes began to glow as she began to float and see. She saw Blue falling over and Lisa rushing to help him, she saw Gear and a man in gray, someone she saw before, somewhere, perhaps a photograph, she could see his face, but more importantly she saw they were fighting not eachother, but Tristan. Tristan was in danger, grave danger She knew she had the power to help him, though she wasn’t usre how to use it. The basin was emptied of magic, at some point she drank it, filled with years of magic she felt like a glowing goddess. She was in two places, neither of them the spot she had been in a moment earlier. At once she was both with Blue healing him with her powers and with Tristan shielding him with her own body, the pain of being stabbed by two people was great their swords glowed and burned at her skin. She pulled the blades out of her and away from the men holding them, handing both to Tristan, and then she wasn’t there, she was with Blue healing him, and when his eyes opened she wasn’t there either, she wasn’t anywhere, she was confused it was a place beyond her sight, she had no idea what she did, but she didn’t regret it, she helped her friends, she loved her friends, and love is sacrifice.
Tristan was confused, one moment he was seconds away from death, the next he saw Kaylie, she smiled at him and then was gone, he was holding the blades. They glowed brighter than before. “As I was saying, I’ve got the power and you two will explain yourselves.” Tristan said pretending he knew exactly what happened. Blue coughed up blood that leaked into his lungs before the wounds had all been sealed up, he felt amazing, better than ever. “What happened?” Blue asked. “I don’t know, I thought I saw my sister.” Lisa said laying down exhausted. “We can’t rest, I’ve got to kill that man, Drake Shadling is my father, I have to kill him.” Blue said getting up and helping Lisa to her feet. “Why do you have to kill your own father?” Lisa asked. “He’s the reason I ran away from home, the reason I live out in the wilderness, the reason I’m a monster.” Blue said resisting the urge to roar and run away on all fours. “I can smell him from here, Tristan is near him, so is Gear, they’re all waiting for us, but…” Blue stopped mid speech when he noticed something; he wasn’t sure how to explain it. “What is it?” Lisa asked. “Kaylie’s scent is gone, just gone.” He said confused. “Did she die?” Lisa demanded. “Dead people have a scent, this isn’t regular walking away or death, I have no idea what this is.” Blue explained as he walked in the direction of Tristan, and his destiny. “So what does that mean?” Lisa asked timidly. “I don’t know, but I’m going to ask my father before I crush his skull.” Blue said while picking up speed.
“I was chosen to lead this place after I killed the former leader, it wasn’t my intention, I simply thought I’d end the shadows, but Shadows never die, not truly his sipirit lives on within that gem, he is our true leader, I’m merely a voice for him to speak through.” The man in gray explained. “What is your name voice of the gem?” Tristan asked angrily. “You may call me Gangar Nior.” The man in gray said sourly. “Good, now you’re turn Master Gear.” Tristan said sarcastically. “Fine, you know most of my story but, here it goes. I found out about a group of people as dedicated as my own men, a group capable of destroying my group, I couldn’t let this go unpunished so I made this my number one goal, in order to help me with this plan I created a wonderful machine in order to do this.” Gear said while pressing a button in the remote he retrieved from his sleeve. The chamber rumbled and the palace system activated releasing sonic vibrations which threatened to shatter the soul gem, without any idea why Tristan kicked the remote from Gear’s hand caught it and turned off the machine. “No, not until I’ve passed judgment. Now sit on your hands while you explain this or I’ll chop them off. Gear begrudgingly obliged this request. “The palace system isn’t meant to do mind control that was a side effect, its intended purpose is to poison the underground and corrupt the magic forces, we practiced it with the prototypes in the Forest Drain, his Mages had to work overtime to try and purify their blessed waters because of this, which and with the size of the true Palace, it was obvious they would be ill-equipped to defeat us, we were going to have one final test of our might against theirs before using it, we finished it today, well ahead of schedule.” “Thank you for sharing your stories, but I’ll have to figure out what’s going on from the true leader of the shadows.” Tristan said as he approached the soul gem, strange shadows danced just beneath the surface. Something about this annoyed Tristan, but he ignored it and placed a hand on it, He had no idea how he knew, but suddenly he realized Blue and Lisa were running towards him and would be there in a moment. So he waited for them.
“Took you long enough.” Tristan remarked without turning to see them as they approached, the man in gray and Gear Chained to one another him staring at the large gem. “What’s going on?” Lisa asked as Blue rushed to find his father amongst the many people left fighting, only to see him lain out on the floor breathing but barely, without hesitation, without remorse he sliced his father’s head off using only his nails. “You drunk.” Blue said calmly. He stood over his kill and kicked the head away, not a malicious kick, but rather the pathetic kick one would perform on a rock to pass the time waiting for a friend. The head rolled away and Blue turned to see what Tristan was doing. “I thought he looked familiar,” Tristan said noticing this strange action, and figuring out what it meant. “You’re always so observant, but what danger have you gotten yourself into this time?” Blue asked walking closer ignoring the chained men. “This gem has their true leader in it, Gear wanted to break it to show them he’s god, I stopped both groups and now I need to decide if I want to use Gear’s machine to destroy this gem as well.” Tristan explained. “Well you do end up in the strangest problems imaginable, being blamed for killings, and having to decide the fate of two secret organizations, with only a week between to rest.” Lisa remarked with a cheerful smile. “Yeah, did you guys see Kaylie anywhere?” Tristan asked feeling suddenly curious about the vision and sword switch which saved his life. “I saw her for a second, her eyes were glowing and she healed Blue, then vanished.” Lisa admitted. “Well, Blue, you track down her scent while I decide what to do here.” Blue merely shook his head sadly, which was all Tristan needed to hear. “I’m taking the Gem I’m taking the machines You two will both be sealed away with me until either of your groups finds out what happened to my friend, you can now send that message to your groups and tell them to never fight again.” Tristan said while picking up the large glowing gem and placing it into his pocket. “You have one day, one final day, after which I’ll kill you both, Blue carry them for me, we’re going to take them to my house.” Tristan said calmly. Blue picked up the men and carried them to the warring factions where they both repeated Tristan’s message verbatim.

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