Beyond the Cutting Edge: Chapter Fourteen

Tristan awoke, according to his grandfather clock it was one fourty five. He quickly got himself ready to leave for a dangerous mission. “Tristan Bolt did you really think we wouldn’t be here waiting?” Kaylie said when he exited his front door, they were waiting out there for him. “How did you guys know I’d be leaving for this tonight?” Tristan questioned in a whisper. “We saw that look in your eyes, you always do that before a heist, but this time we’re not stealing an item, but a person.” Lisa said cheerfully. “Fine, I’m sure I could use a look out or two.” Tristan said as he began walking towards the abandoned house Kaylie and Lisa had been trapped within. “How do you know this is the place?” Kaylie asked. “Let’s just say it came to me in a dream.” Tristan explained while revealing a trap door in the very room his friends escaped from what seemed like years ago. “So right through here we’ll find our way into one of the most dangerous places in all of Cutting Edge, you sure you guys don’t want to stay back while I handle this?” Tristan asked cautiously. “No, stop being stupid, he’s our friend now too, so we’re going after him even if you want to chicken out.” Kaylie said sternly. Tristan smile while dropping down into the darkness, as far as he was concerned he had the best friends in the world and he was more than happy to risk his life to save one.
The darkness he found himself within was vast and foreboding. “This place is sort of big.” Lisa whispered as she and Kaylie slid down a rope, the very rope that bound them earlier that week. “We’ll be free of this creepy place soon.” Kaylie whispered while peering around, struggling to see what was below the town; beyond the cutting Edge. The area they were within was some sort of large chamber, Tristan pondered its use to himself as he and his friends found their way quietly to a wall. Adjusted as he was to traversing the dark, this place was still too dim for him, he could scarcely make out several structures towards what he assumed was the centre of the room. Once at the wall they followed along it until they found a small opening which lead down and equally dark hallway. They traveled down this hallway for several miles, finding no doorways or turns at all. After what felt like an hour of walking slowly in order to move without noise. “This darkness suites you, child of destruction.” Gear said, appearing before them. “What do you want?” Tristan said dryly. “What are you talking about, my men have been at war with the Order of Shadows, for almost a year, you’re new to this fight, you’ve caught us in a battle, I should be asking you, what you want.” Gear said his new mask seemed to glow in the dark illuminating a small region near him. “Shut it, we’re looking for our friend.” Kaylie said angrily. “Oh yeah, wild child, I saw him in the cells, that’s a floor below here, so look out for stairs, only hint I’m giving.” Gear said as he turned to walk away. His mask stopped glowing obviously a controlled mechanism to help him appear and disappear as he saw fit because when it stopped glowing he seemed to stop existing. “We’re going to do something about the Order of Steal?” Lisa asked without a clue what exactly was going on. None of them knew, but the time had finally come for the final battle, and those three, were going to be a large part of it, more on that later.
They continued along this path only to find another opening as large as the last, it occurred to Tristan that this opening and the last were each one fifth the size of the town above. “They’re practically villages beneath the town.” Tristan exclaimed quietly so as not to arise the suspicions of anyone else lucking about in the dark. “That explains what those houses are for; they probably each have a second home down here, in the shadows.” Kaylie explained, or rather guessed aloud. They heard a noise and saw figures moving in the distance, the figures seemed to be fighting or something. “I think we’ve finally reached the battle zone.” Lisa said with a smile. “We need to find stairs; we’re not here to fight, not yet.” Tristan cautioned. “Probably in the houses.” Kaylie remarked walking towards the structures and the violence. Tristan and Lisa followed her. The battle looked intense though this was fortunate for Tristan and his friends, as it made sneaking about much easier for them, no one noticed three people snooping around in the midst of all the action. People were being killed and killing, death was moving through that place as if it were where it truly belonged, in the darkness and far from the regular people who were not doubt fast asleep dreaming of what they knew was obviously going to be a great day tomorrow; Blissfully unaware of what dangers lay below, what dangers they were in. Within the first subterranean structure they discovered the stairs. Quickly making their way to the levels below it became clear that they were unsure where to go next as they found themselves within an equally large chamber with large support pillars littered throughout. “Should we split up?” Lisa asked her worry finally starting to seep into her voice. “No, we stick together, I’m not going to lose you guys to this darkness.” Tristan said, just then his friends ran in opposite directions in search of Blue. “What is wrong with you guys?” Tristan complained before taking off in a third direction.
Lisa quickly found her way to a structure she randomly decided should be the cells, it felt like a place to imprison someone she reasoned to herself, in reality it was directly beneath CECF and her subconscious was aware of this, but all she knew was it felt right so she went to inquire within. Tristan found his way to the area directly beneath the Metal forest, and Kaylie made it to the area below the forest drain, where she would soon discover the truth behind the strange structures name. Lisa entered this structure only to discover she was correct and quickly found her way to the cell where Blue had been kept previously, the bars bent by pure force of will, several gaurds had been killed and were left on the ground, at first Lisa thought they were killed by the Order of Steal, but closer investigation revealed they had been scratched as if by an animal leaving them to bleed out and then knocked unconscious with tremendous strength. She knew what was going on, Blue had finally gone feral. She continued searching for him, noticing a small crimson trail leading away from the crime scene. Fear mixed in with her long list of emotions, blending perfectly, all she wanted to do was save a friend, now she wondered if someone would save her from that very friend.
“I don’t think you want to do that.” A man in an old Gray Robe spoke aloud as Tristan approached a glowing gem in the centre of the large chamber he found his way to. “Why not?” Tristan asked simply. “Well, we’ve kept you alive to help us, you’re more worth to us alive right now, touch that and we’ll be without choice in the matter, no one messes with the soul gem, ever.” The man explained his voice raspy yet familiar, as if something he heard long ago, in a place time forgot. “I don’t care, I’m stopping the shadows and the steal, you’re not able to threaten me.” Tristan said darkly. “Is that so? You think you know what’s going on, this has nothing to do with you, child of destruction, we’ve been having our fight without you, you stumbled upon this by accident and if you promise to leave without another word we’ll even supply you with the truth of who killed that girl.” The man said. Tristan was shocked, they knew, they always knew, they only kept it from him so he’d be forced to help them fight the Order of Steal. Tristan’s face must have shown just how angry he was because the man’s body guard Drake Shadling appeared. “Kid, we’re giving you a way out, just take it, you win we win even the Steal get to live another week or two, just say the word.” Drake said smugly. Tristan snapped at last. “Child of destruction, child of destruction, why does everyone keep calling me that, do they think I can just destroy everything, no that can’t be it, I’d be treated with a mix of fear and respect. Clearly I’m treated like the child part.” Tristan said before laughing the very way Gear laughed when they faced off in the Forest Drain. Drake moved quikly to silence the mad fool threatening his master, but it was odd. Tristan moved so fast it appeared he didn’t move, it was faster than Drake’s eyes could keep up with, he was over by the man in gray and Drake was on his back one moment after Drake had charged at him. “What did you do?” Drake asked fearful. “Much better, that’s the kind of reaction one would expect for a child of destruction.” Tristan said darkly. Gear appeared from the shadows, a long sword in hand, the soul gem began to glow lighting up the chamber revealing more Order of Steal. “Thanks for that, we had problems with the Shadling, the other two Shadlings went down so easily, I wonder what that’s about.” Gear said as he approached the man in gray. “You think you’re a threat to me, child of death.” The man in gray said, all that was visible of his face was a long gray beard and a cold smile. “Yeah, kind of, I’ve won here, your men are equally matched against mine, and I have a weapon close to your neck, closer still in a moment, your super solidor is on his back there is nothing you can do but die.” Gear said with his own laughter.
Kaylie foundherself surrounded by violence, people were stabing one another Steal versus Shadow. It looked like how she often imagined the end of the world would appear. It was almost beautiful how twisted this dark underworld really was, she smiled as she walked confidently through this mayhem to a strange glowing light in the centre of the large chamber she found her way too. It seemed to be a basin collecting water dripping from the large ceiling, Three men in White robes stood around it chanting some ancient prayer to themselves. “What are you doing?” She asked not caring that they were her enemies, she was in control, she wasn’t sure how or why, but she knew it was true. She wasn’t just in control she was control, this was her place and her time. “We are the mages of Shadows, we’re making sure to purify the water of the Forest Drain as it pours into our domain.” They explained in unison. “Wouldn’t you rather be in the fray?” She asked sweetly. “We are not permitted to do violence, we are the pure, the innocent, we are tasked to watch the water and heal the sick, and nothing more.” They explained, still in unison. Kaylie smiled to herself before punching one of them in the gut, he fell, she never hit someone before, it was liberating. She kicked another in the face and grabbed the last flinging him into the violence happening further from this light. She peered into the waters wondering if she could do some actual magic instead of her usual tricks. She had done one other real magic using that Crystal ball, how hard could it be to use something filled to the brim with enchanted water, so she peered into the water hoping to use it to see where Blue was, and she did, but she saw much more than that.


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