Beyond the Cutting Edge: Chapter sixteen

Tristan stared into the gem watching the shadows dance, the only thing breaking the shadows were the ticks of the grandfather clock the night was so still the small ticks actually echoed. Blue sat near him in silence, the prisoners chained in the next room Lisa was Gaurding them first while Blue tried to get some sleep. Tristan refused to sleep, not until his friend was returned, he stared at the gem wondering how a gem could lead such a large group. “Do you think it talks?” Tristan asked Blue. “Must talk if it was in charge, maybe only the one guy could hear it, which is why they put him in charge.” Blue said with a yawn. “Or he made this gem up to gain control after killing their old leader.” Tristan mused to his friend. “I don’t really care what that thing does, as long as it gets them to bring our friend back, and maybe explain why Rich killed Abagale.” Blue muttered as he made himself comfortable on the floor in what amounted to a nest of blankets he crafted for himself after being offered a real bed again. Tristan stared deeper into the gem wondering why it looked so familiar, as if he had seen it before, and then it hit him, not unlike a brick. He fell out of his chair from pure shock.
Rushing down the stairs as fast as he could Tristan made his way to his reading chair sat down and picked up his book on gem appraisal. Despite being so basic on most of the subjects it did mention something he thought was odd, something he ignored at the time distracted as he was by Gear breaking into his house. He opened the book flipped to the desired page and read aloud. “There are several precious stones rumoured to have mystical powers, one of which the soul gem is claimed to capture people at the moment of death if they are filled with ultra condensed magics, such actions are difficult to replicate, and thus no one has ever tested them, though it must be noted the common theory as to how this works I that the gem is merely connected to another spot where it sends those it captures in order to preserve them, some theorized using this for teleportation, see the chapter on gems and alchemy for more.” Tristan tossed the book aside and scrambled through his notes on alchemy from his investigations. Tristan didn’t know why he wanted to solve this puzzle, but he did, it had him so enthralled he scarcely noticed when his door was knocked down by Rich. He noticed when Rich tried to swing a sword at him though, moving aside at the last moment. “One of the two groups is still controlling you Rich, you’ve got to fight it.” He would have said more but then others began walking in, not members of either Order, just members of the town, it seemed to be almost everyone, their eyes staring off into the distance as if they weren’t aware what they were doing. Tristan filled with fear, not fear of himself being in danger, but fear that he had broken the entire town.
“You see, darkness is our friend, you need only let me go and you two can join our ranks.” Gangar Nior explained to Lisa. “Yeah but aren’t you Tristan’s dad? You look just like that one photo he has in the room he never enters.” Lisa inquired. “I don’t know to be honest; my past is gone, stolen relinquished for my crimes against the master.” Gangar responded. “Wait, you could be my father?” Gear asked suddenly turning to see Gangar with his hood down. “How could you not notice that before?” Lisa asked. “Well not only our my memories of him faded beyond recognition, he also always wears a hood, I don’t actually get to talk to him all that often, why didn’t that spirit tell me about this.” Gear complained. “The voice in the fog? He told me you would be the beginning of the end for me.” Gangar said sadly, realizing he hadn’t heeded the advice which would have saved him from all the trouble he was in, his master gone and him tied to his enemy. “Oh yeah, we freed that guy.” Lisa said happily. “No you didn’t.” Gear said defensively. “Yes we did, he showed us that Rich did, it, he seemed to be under some sort of trance though.” Lisa explained. “Please tell me this is a joke.” Gangar pleaded. “What’s wrong?” Lisa asked feeling frightened. “Isn’t it obvious?” Gear asked as the front door burst open loudly and several footsteps sounded loudly. “Which of you is trying to break free?” Lisa asked. “Neither, you’ve awoken the demon, the real killer; he must have known how we’d react to his prophecies all along.” Gangar exclaimed fearfully. “You mean the Fog voice guy is the real killer?” Lisa demanded fearfully. Tristan burst through the door, “Leave the prisoners, we’ve got to run the townsfolk have gone mad, I don’t know what’s going on anymore but we’ve got to move it now.” Tristan yelled while rushing to wake Blue as well. The three of them jumped out the window landing safely in a well placed bush only to find themselves still surrounded. “Where do we go?” Blue asked terrified, justifiably so. Tristan reached into his pocket and found a whistle, he blew it hard the noise was so high pitch it made all the people cover their ears including his friends, he grabbed his friends and ran through while the people tried to get over the shock of the sound.


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