Race against the clock: A NaNoWriMo story


according to the link up above, if it actually worsk that is, I’m aproximately 11 thousand words away from completing my novel, which feels more like twenty thousand words awya from reaching a logical conclusion, but I don’t know if can write that much between now and the thirtyith, maybe I should stop wasting my time with all this blogging stuff.  Not that this is a waste of time, just that I think I’m busy with this other thing because I don’t have much access to a nice good clean pc to actually type with my 97 words per minute speed.  So I just wanted to inform everyone that Project Echoshadow is offically in panic manic mode. and will probably be featuring countless chapters, by countless I mean I don’t know how many yet because the book has yet to conclude, I just finished Chapter seventeen, not going to lie, I didn’t realize who the real killer was until I typed it out and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  WOOO WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Writing is fun.

If you enjoyed this mini Rant Subscribe or read Beyond the Cutting Edge, it’s not too bad if I do say so myself.



2 thoughts on “Race against the clock: A NaNoWriMo story

  1. Take your time..enjoy the process like finding out who the killer was! Love the way you put it..11 thousand words to hit the mark but 20 thousand for a conclusion..;)
    It’s also cool to know that it’s only as one writes his/ her story that it unfolds like a flower…to show what is in store next 🙂

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