NaNoWriMo, NaBLoPoMo


The madman with a pen has officially completed a novel, I wrote more of it almost every single day, I also blogged every-single day, probably a mistake to do both November challenges, but hey at least I shaved right?
if that’s not funny it’s because I can’t think of real comedy, anyways click the link above to see how I’m not lying about finishing the book, isn’t that interesting?  I’ll be posting the last few chapters between now and tomorrow, so enjoy the story, or not, I’m quite excited.   Also I asked a fellow blogger to help me edit  the story, so that should be interesting, check out her work if you have the time.   For writers who often make mistakes, simply befriend a grammar Nazi and ask kindly that they simply be who they naturally are, you’ll watch the wrong doings fly out the window with extreme efficiency.

If you like subscribing to winners, and writers, than subscribe to me as I won at writing.  Now if you’ll excuse me I really need a shower.




7 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo, NaBLoPoMo

    • Oh that changes things, I was about to say it smells like victory…
      Hmmm I feel like I was wrong when I thought of myself as a writer before, now I am truly a writer a blogger and an author, I am splendid, marvelous, terrific, not too bad all things considered.


    • Great article. I know eaxctly what you mean. My son was diagnosed with Autism and Developmental Delay in 2010 and it was only subsequent to this that I realized that I myself have Aspergers Syndrome. When I was trying to get my diagnosed I was told did I really want to label him? To me a label is just a way to get help for him and personally I never had a label growing but I always felt as different as if I had one stamped clearly on my forehead. I often wonder if I would have had all the problems that I have had in life if only a label could have been given to me when I was young. Now I feel I would have welcomed it because it would have meant I could have been myself years ago. You’ve done the right thing for your son and hopefully I have too for mine. I write about AS/Auitsm too on my facebook. Take Care.

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