The choice

Something wicked was in the air, the scent of death wafted from the west.  No one knew what exactly caused it, but they were much too fearful to investigate what beast or fowl could have been felled to fume furiously.  the stench was more than enough to leave all dissatisfied, it was as of things had been set up perfectly, and then moved slightly to the right.  Everything was wrong, but it was so close that it caused an urge, a longing to correct.  It deranged them.  But as much as this inspired them to act, they were paralyzed by fear. 

Such is life.




The echo blog is obviously on brake not for the holidays, but for the new job.  Sorry guys, just trying to get used to my new schedule of coming home past midnight.  Don’t worry I’ll obviously be back soon, an echo is a sound struggling to be free.  And to anyone who lives in the fairfield county of connecticut, try looking for my place of work.  It’s just called Local.  Thank you for your time.


How echo broke kitchens

At the request of the puney bone ( not sure if spelled right) I tell a story of an echo in a kitchen.

I’m a pretty good cook, nothing to marvel at, but the majority of my foodstuff is satisfactory or above. My brother on the other hand is a chef, when he enters a kitchen magic happens he is truly in his element. When I was younger I wanted this magic for myself, understandable yet misguided. I’ve had many the adventure in a kitchen going so far as to destroy several microwaves. But I got past this reckless stage and thought I’d never be a danger to the kitchen again, I was wrong.
My oven mishap like any story of note, stemmed from fear. I feared oil burns French fries caused so I took to baking them, they were delicious and healthier, but lacked the crispness regular fries know. A hefty sacrifice but worth it all the same. Until one day the frozen fries from the grocery store refused to be cooked, upon further inspection the metal coil within the electric oven was broken a segment of it burnt off entirely, how? I do not know. I fear I may never know. It took over a year to replace this thing, missing two Christmases and two thanksgivings. I got over the oil thing.

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Wednesday Updates: 1

Work starts with staff training on Friday, that’s going to be a blast.  I truly hope that this job thing works out, I’ve been neglecting my chores of late, but that should change once I readjust myself to being a working man.  Project Echoshadow, the guy who works at that one place. Achievement unlocked.


Moving on to other maters. 


This strange creature has come to the echo household, isn’t that interesting?
More improbably on saturday, probably while I’m out at more staff training, a new oven shall arrive. So many foods I’ve avoided due to the lack of oven this house has faced since that mysterious french fry incident. I miss cheap frozen pizzas so badly, and stuffed shells. In other words things are finally looking up got the echo ever since I finished that first draft and blogged everyday for a month.

Trial by fire; learn or burn.

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Project Soundspirit, the ultimate warrior

Not one of my best works but a blast to write up.



After the kingdom stopped using reapers to fight wars they began to be seen as weak by the outside world many new threats emerged.  From foolish trolls to wise dragons and even the nation in the southern desert, it was a desperate time.  So the king at the time Black Storm, enlisted the help of alchemist, scientists, and any form of magic weilder he could find to defend his people.   The nation stood the test of time but was never strong enough to be feared as they were with the reapers, so wars became more common.  This went on for centuries, promotion innovations in the at of war. This is the story of one such innovation gone wrong.
Around a thousand years after Crimson fled there was a man distantly related to the crown, a scientist who detested magic with a passion, for reasons he kept to himself. Most believed…

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