The Sequel

I spent a little over a month with Tristan and the surprisingly pleasant town of Cutting Edge.  It’s very difficult to give up on the cast and crew cold turkey (please note thanksgiving leftovers in the corner for a visual gag) so I am considering the sequel, titled The Gray Zone.  It will have a different main character and start up between a few months to a year after the events of the first book.  I think I’ll muse the idea for several months before actually doing anything, even then I’ll write it at a much slower pace because, no just no.  Anyways that’s what’s been floating around in my head.  The story of Tristan Bolt is complete, perhaps the story of Tom Gray shall soon come to light.

If you enjoyed this little tale of tales then perhaps you’re an echo fan in the making, try subscribing or simply perusing through Beyond the Cutting Edge and telling me if it warrants a sequel at all, thanks for the advice.



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