Videogame quote #1

New thing I’m doing on the echo blog, rather self explanatory, I post an inspirational quote from a video game.

“Restless souls wander where they don’t belong, bring them peace with sun’s song.”

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

If you think I should continue this segment tell me in the comment along with your inspirations and interpretations of the quote, should be fun.  And remember anything can be deep if we just over analyze it a bit.  All of it represents some small fraction of the truth.


2 thoughts on “Videogame quote #1

  1. That’s a fabulous idea! It’s always wonderful when we can find inspiration from various things! I’m sorta learning to do that too 🙂

    First thoughts are that we are all restless souls…the sun is shinning brightly in our hearts…when we learn to listen to it’s song…we find our way home 🙂

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