Why am I inspired

Hey, have you ever not had any idea what to write about? I rarely have this issue. I enjoy writing, so I write often and I usually don’t wait for petty things like logic or inspiration. Such things trend to pop up if their own scores during the writing process. I l love the way words flow through me, from the mind to my fingers to the pen to paper and beautifully, they are free. Such if life. I love the way my syntax switches from style to style, as anyone reading cutting edge and my regular blog posts can tell you, I don’t stock to one thing, and as many of my friends from highschool could have told you, I can even mimic the styles of others if anyone wanted it, so what exactly inspires me to write one way or the other? On what ground do I decide to draft a take of woe or a post filed with lame jokes, don’t know don’t care, lets just say something in the air. Actually that sounds about accurate I always take a deep breath before I write my eyes derek strange, as if glassed over I feel as if I’m going into a trance and then I write.

Sowwy to the schedule, I’m sure this matched my description of thursday, right?

If you enjoyed this rent them I don’t know subscribe, do a barrel roll, something…



2 thoughts on “Why am I inspired

  1. It is great that you don’t know and don’t care…but are grateful and enjoy your gift. That’s how it should be…
    It’s good to be reminded of it as I do sometimes forget! LOL

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