Dark Storm: descent

    Years of careful planning and scheming ,decades of experimentation, weeks of waiting to see if the manhunter could bring him his distant niece for the final part if his plot to achieve immortality.  As far as Dark Storm was concerned, only once immortal could he be free to rule his kingdom justly, as only a king freed from death’s fear could rule.
Dead Sky appeared before the king with an orb glowing green. “Your highness, I’ve noticed an oddity, I’ll complete your task as scheduled but I wanted to know if I am allotted to execute the guardian child.” Dead Sky asked with a madness of his own drenching his tone. “Of course not, any guardian she had shall be carted here too I wish to know exactly who sees fit to help that girl, to aide anyone who thinks themselves worthy of altering my plans!” Dark Storm shouted to dismiss the assassin. “He calls himself echo or something, don’t know what he is, but he certainly isn’t human,” Dead Sky complained as he turned to leave. “What did you say? I know that creature.” Dark Storm realized aloud as he began to realize who had been working against him. “Get me the queen, I’ll be needing to talk with her.” Dark Storm said dryly. “Yes my lord, may I ask if I can be expediting future condonation for this additional task.” Dead Sky asked. “Be glad I slow such a chile scum to exist, it is only because you’re a useful filth that you haven’t been cleansed long ago, don’t push your luck. Tonight is your new deadline for both missions, I want then in thus chamber with the creature, an off shoot of my distant cousin’s science, made to assist in the use of Project Soundspirit, I highly expect you’ll work with the two eventually so get used to him, and stop him.” Dark Storm declared. Dead Sky left to achieve his goal end receive his money. The will of the king was to be fulfilled.



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