Project Soundspirit, the ultimate warrior

Not one of my best works but a blast to write up.



After the kingdom stopped using reapers to fight wars they began to be seen as weak by the outside world many new threats emerged.  From foolish trolls to wise dragons and even the nation in the southern desert, it was a desperate time.  So the king at the time Black Storm, enlisted the help of alchemist, scientists, and any form of magic weilder he could find to defend his people.   The nation stood the test of time but was never strong enough to be feared as they were with the reapers, so wars became more common.  This went on for centuries, promotion innovations in the at of war. This is the story of one such innovation gone wrong.
Around a thousand years after Crimson fled there was a man distantly related to the crown, a scientist who detested magic with a passion, for reasons he kept to himself. Most believed…

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