Scarlet Blaze: hunted

     “Hurry up echo before someone spots us!” Scarlet demanded. Echoshadow happily obliged, covering her tracks as they went along.  “Can’t rush, haste makes waste.”  Echoshadow responded while moving slightly quicker but still staying behind her.  “Why would anyone be trying to follow us, you don’t have to do that everytime we go anywhere.” Scarlet explained.  “It’s in my coding to do this when I’m protecting someone, I am not a being of choice I have a manufactured fate.” he explained while she mouthed the last two words, having heard them at the end of many an explanation already.  “How can something with a computer like brain be so repetitive?” she questioned while stomping through mud to make more footprints for him to clean, if he insisted on doing work she would at least make it actual work.  “There is a reason I’m an echo my dear.” he said with a grin as his eyes glowed red.  She shot him a glance that stopped him in his tracks.  “Don’t call me that.” she said simply.
     Dead was more than happy to be employed by the king for the first time in what must have been years, at least ten. He tracked the girl down quickly but thought there was something odd about the boy with her, the messenger failed to mention a traveling partner and they were very close to Harmony Castle, it stood to reason that the boy somehow hid her scent from state trackers and kept her protected, she wasn’t running away from her fate at all.  Dead sky grinned and ran to them at full speed, in other words he was upon them instantly, or he would have been.  Instead he found himself up a tree tied by his foot to a high branch.  “I’m impressed kids, not everyday someone can catch me off guard like that, I think I’ll enjoy killing you before bringing her to her fate.” he said calmly as he cut the rope only to land in a pit, he was beginning to feel upset.



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