Wednesday Updates: 1

Work starts with staff training on Friday, that’s going to be a blast.  I truly hope that this job thing works out, I’ve been neglecting my chores of late, but that should change once I readjust myself to being a working man.  Project Echoshadow, the guy who works at that one place. Achievement unlocked.


Moving on to other maters. 


This strange creature has come to the echo household, isn’t that interesting?
More improbably on saturday, probably while I’m out at more staff training, a new oven shall arrive. So many foods I’ve avoided due to the lack of oven this house has faced since that mysterious french fry incident. I miss cheap frozen pizzas so badly, and stuffed shells. In other words things are finally looking up got the echo ever since I finished that first draft and blogged everyday for a month.

Trial by fire; learn or burn.

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13 thoughts on “Wednesday Updates: 1

  1. All the best at staff training! Cute kitty visitor too 😉
    We have a stray dog, well we think it’s stray which keeps coming back to our house staying for a few days and then goes off wandering again. lol

    • T’is no visitor, full fledged house cat, currently unnamed though. I’m pushing for the name Leo. The real highlight here is the oven thing, also I spent half the day searching for a good pokemon quote only to go with an earthbound quote instead.


          • Bahahahaah…okay..I shall blame the over working for my poor comments 😛

            I’ve never really used ovens so much…a stove of course that’s always good to have.

            As for the Pokemon’s cool..when it is time it shall appear 😉

            • Don’t get me wrong, I found several obvious choices for the pokemon thing, I just wanted something not said by N feel few to google his quotes you’ll see what I mean. Far too obvious.

              ECHO ECHO

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