Lately I’ve been feeling out of it, I recently dealt with a minor case of flu, by recently I mean I just took nyquil so don’t know if I’m actually typing what I think I’m t typing.  It’s fine, I’ve been working hard towards my lofty goal of changing the world.  I’m most assuredly not at asl sure what I was going to talk about here, maybe my life out Continue reading


Iron Throne Saga: Awakening

There was a spark, a chance, a small glimmer in the darkness.  It caused a buzz, as if electric, that zap echoed through the chamber amplified by the deafening silence which occupied that place for centuries.  “Maybe we really shouldn’t be down h here, even the eternal queen claimed the submerged palace is forbidden, we’ve broken one of the biggest taboos, and for what?” Chuck Stone worried aloud further trampling upon the sacred silence as his deep yet fearful voice echoed through the shadows of that regal cavern.  “Shut up idiot, nothing is sacred, not since the rise of Nal V’hual, we need all the help we can get to defeat the usurper king.” Emerald Stone hissed at her foolish brother.  She then willed a light with her magic, in other to find the trace of the sound.  That was when they saw him, mummified before them, a pitch black corps dry as sand.  “This is sick, who is this?” Chuck asked holding back the urge to forcibly eject his breakfast.  “I have no idea, but he’s in the throne and hooked up to all these machines for a reasons.” Emerald responded as she looked up at the labyrinth of technically above them tubes and wires all connected to the iron throne, the very thing they came to steal. “How can we take the throne if some dead guy is on it?” Chuck asked. “Just toss him out, this place must have some sort of security system.”  And with that a large cracked screen flashed red, followed by a robotic voice, “Password required for this operation, activating error sixteen, we are pleased to installed trademark 1859 incorporated, activating in three two one.” The screen shattered. and the machinery sprang to life making a royal ruckus. The hall was filed with light and sounds as posts moved and strange gold liquids rushed through the tubes and into the, corps, filling it with life forcing it back from the dead.  He looked at the two who disturbed his artistical eternal slumber and smiled.  “You better have a very good explanation for why there isn’t a feast before me right now or I’ll make do with you.“


second blog?

Anyone here noticed that mostly unused second blog I have? over on booger by the power of googles, it’s am interesting spot but I don’t know what to do with it, so I’m taking suggestions.  Really, I just use it to post sort of bonus content, which so far means one intro post and one preview for the sequel to beyond the cutting edge, very under utilized resource indeed.


Ordered Madness


I’m contemplating bringing law and order to this Wild West of a blog. Because I don’t often do such things, I’m pretty sure I won’t stick too closely to the script so I’ll publicly present the intentions in order to reduce the confusion.

Before I go further let me share some good news, echo is now employed at a new and local restaurant more on that later.

Monday: short story
Tuesday: short piece ( like the videogame quotes )
Wednesday: updates on echo life
Thursday: I don’t like those
Friday: links day
Leaving the weekend open

Hopefully this is a wonderful schedule I can stick to without delay or issue.


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Another link day

Happy Friday ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the third link day on the echo blogsystem the time has come for some random links. First up is a quick song some music to cheer everyone up. And now for the link of the week, something I’ve been meaning to link to for some time now.


I’ll now provide images of the webcomic to prove you should click the link right now. He’s a cat and a doctor.





If you’ve enjoyed this post try clicking the links and commenting your thoughts about their content, enjoy yourselves.


whispers of insanity

The sun sank, the dark clouds end the sky, and Victor approached the town.  His laughter sent chills down the sines of the few weary travelers he passed along his way.  “Why hello there young fiend, you seem troubled.” a youthful voice called.  Victor turned to see no one, but the voice continued “Relax I cant hurt you, I’ve come to ask got help.”  “Who are you” Victor demanded, shards of ice falling from his his visage as he spoke.  “Just a below nightmare, but they dealer mr away, ruining my fun, I hate them ” the voice spoke cheerfully as if even hated and imprisonment were games.  “I don’t care.”  Victor responded dryly.  “Must you be so cruel, what will happen when your time to stand trial comes.”  The youthful voice practically sang in a mocking tone, very disinfected from the act of begging.  “I’ll consider it.” Victor said as he picked up speed, washer to reach the town.