Born through flames

Flames tore though not only his home, and his fields, but his dreams and his hopes. He could only watch as everything he loved was taken from him, his world was torn asunder and his livelihood made null in void. He wept tirelessly for the duration of the blaze, never to cry again. He was a changed man, many were changed by holly waters, but Victor was a man altered irrevocably by hell fire, as the embers began to cool and the dry winds pulled heat to wipe away his final tears, a smile spread across his face, not the friendly smile of joy he had previously been known for, butt the smile of a killer looking down upon his victim, his twisted mind had convinced himself not only had the fire been his fualt, but rather that it had been his plan all along, everything that lead up to that moment seemed to confirm it, this had been his intentions all along, He was a monster after all. He stood up reached into lthe ashes and pulled out a slightly seared hat, Placing the hat upon his head he turned to leave, no home no future no hope, no problems. Victor laughed, no it wasn’t just laughter, it was the dark cackling he heard in his youth, he was the boogie man now.


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