2014 update

Sick echo is sick, that’s the first of things to point out, secondarily, echo echo is jobless. That whole working thing didn’t last as long as expected, ending the 27th of December, tragic really, but nothing I can’t deal with, back to the old job hunt, but I’m much more hopeful with the knowledge that being hired is possible, so I’m pretty good with the way things turned out. I haven’t edited Beyond the Cutting Edge, though I’m working on the sequel already. I’m really excited for twenty fourteen, Project Echoshadow shall carry on reaching the beautiful age of twenty two as I’ve always l feared…

Also I’m off to a Wedding this weekend, I’ll probably return to that schedule thing I posted early december, and stick to that for a little bit, but after the wedding. In other words, I’m ready to hit the ground running as always.
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