Short discourse on the morality of an echo.

Try not to be a jerk, that’s pretty much my moral code in life. Leaving me with the ever evolving question of what is a jerk/ what would be a jerk thing to do? This is what I think about when asking if I’m a good person, and sometimes I’m not. Sometimes I’m so engrossed within my own thoughts I don’t think about the world around me and I become inconsiderate. I find that I’ve absentmindedly broken thingss with my feet while laying down, this started long ago when I would lay on the ground doing homework, only to get up and find much destruction in my room. I destroy a lot of things really, I’m good at it, it’s enjoyable, the only reason I ever feel bd about it is because I think back to my moral code and reallize I haven’t followed it. If this were a rare occurrence I would think little of it, no one can be perfect, yet this happens fairly frequent. I’ve chosen my own moral standards and yet I don’t follow them, at least not to my own satisfaction, thus I consider myself a bad person.
This isn’t to say I do no good, this isn’t to say I help no one, it is to say I believe my impact on this world to be a net neutral at best, a more accurate label would be to describe myself as not a good person since my good may in fact counter balance the bad. In any event, I’d much rather be good at this stage in my life, and as I mentioned I do not think I’m doing a good job at that. So I’ve decided to try taking requests and giving advice, if you have any topics you’d like me to ramble on about, or ann earlier post you’d like for me to expand upon, just go ahead and comment here, or anywhere else, I’ll see what I can do, thank you for your time.



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