To say that I know what I’m doing would be almost a lie, a better translation of that thought would be, I’m not clueless.  It’s not as if I have a plan, but I do know what I want to happen as a result of my actions.  I know what I hope I’m doing? I know what I think I’m doing?  No those don’t sound right, maybe I should say, it’s under control?  NO NO NO NO NO!!! That is most certainly a lie, nothing is under “control” everything is up in the air, so much chaos things could easily turn south.  Perhaps I should tell people just not to worry?  Well obviously, stress is bad for you but what does that have to do with an explanation?  Fine I’ll just say I’ve got this.  Seriously?  What? “I’ve got this.” Yeah, good right? No, just no.  What’s wrong?  What exactly have you got?  You know, this.  No, just shut up.  Oooo, that’s perfect.  Wait, you’re absolutely right, it is perfect.

And thus the echo concludes his inner dialogue deciding not to explain himself, the people around him learn nothing new despite him thinking he’s officially given the best explanation through silence.

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