whispers of insanity

The sun sank, the dark clouds end the sky, and Victor approached the town.  His laughter sent chills down the sines of the few weary travelers he passed along his way.  “Why hello there young fiend, you seem troubled.” a youthful voice called.  Victor turned to see no one, but the voice continued “Relax I cant hurt you, I’ve come to ask got help.”  “Who are you” Victor demanded, shards of ice falling from his his visage as he spoke.  “Just a below nightmare, but they dealer mr away, ruining my fun, I hate them ” the voice spoke cheerfully as if even hated and imprisonment were games.  “I don’t care.”  Victor responded dryly.  “Must you be so cruel, what will happen when your time to stand trial comes.”  The youthful voice practically sang in a mocking tone, very disinfected from the act of begging.  “I’ll consider it.” Victor said as he picked up speed, washer to reach the town.



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