What’s wrong

Hello, I’m echo. Allow me a brief rambling through my thoughts to clear my head. Thanks, so I’ve been trying to solve a problem I keep having one I’ve been afflicted with as far back as six or seven. I am a failure. Now I know you’re all thinking let’s try to cheer him up he’s just sad about a thing but hear me out. I know enough to succeed and when helping others I demonstrate wisdom and point them in the right directions, yet I cannot do the same for Echoshadow. I have determined that something must be off kilter out of sync. I should be successful, but I’m not. I failed college and I can’t get a job I spend all day looking for a job and reading , as if I can become smart enough to pass a class, but I’m already smart enough. I don’t know why I’ve failed, that’s what worries me, if I could just learn my fault I would work on it every single day. Instead I wait here as if waiting for my life to really begin, I’m not sure what’s wrong with me but this has gone on long enough, I shall become brilliant once more.
Thank you for your time good night.


Sick echo is sick

Have you ever just felt withdrawn from writing due to a slight cold, the kind of cold barely worth mentioning?
This is a first for me, I didn’t realize just how flimsy my resolve rally is. In any event I can’t think of much to say but I’ll post what I’ve been up too soon. Thank you for your time going back to bed now.