how to end harmony

I lsat in a dark room cold enough to see my breath when the lights are on. I’m barely visible in the fun light cast off by the small screen of an old phone I often use to write these posts, but I’m paused, deep in thought, contemplating my next move, pondering which chess piece to move to showcase how the dominos fall, what if I don’t have an ave up my sleeves?  So many games to play yet the words won’t come, stick in this silence wondering where to start, the inpatient warrior begging got a fight, the insane guardian built to protect, yet obviously defective, the mad king, with grand ambitions, the queen moments away from her curse, or the distantly related princess, her family destroyed filling her with a new fire, the flames of vengeance.  So many choices, but where to begin?





To say that I know what I’m doing would be almost a lie, a better translation of that thought would be, I’m not clueless.  It’s not as if I have a plan, but I do know what I want to happen as a result of my actions.  I know what I hope I’m doing? I know what I think I’m doing?  No those don’t sound right, maybe I should say, it’s under control?  NO NO NO NO NO!!! That is most certainly a lie, nothing is under “control” everything is up in the air, so much chaos things could easily turn south.  Perhaps I should tell people just not to worry?  Well obviously, stress is bad for you but what does that have to do with an explanation?  Fine I’ll just say I’ve got this.  Seriously?  What? “I’ve got this.” Yeah, good right? No, just no.  What’s wrong?  What exactly…

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the equation

     “Everything is triangles with you today,” she murmured under her breath, as her father frantically scribbled on his chalkboard, still fighting his madness to solve the equation.  “Six hundred thirty nine, we’re getting closer now.” chanted the man in an old tattered lab coat, stained by time and messy meals.  His daughter started down at him from her throne both disapprovingly and lovingly, these apparent opposites were melded perfectly on her visage.  She was write being her year, most likely sure to his experiments during her development, though no one is sure, in fact there were no records of a mother at all, the existence of this young girl was beyond unknown, many thought it unknowable.  The truth of course, existed somewhere in the equation, he called out his tempus maximus opus, the key to his freedom.  They were both wrong yet both right, such is life.


Iron throne saga: the chase

“Explain yourselves or die,” the creature said calmly as it he were staying the weather instead of the fate of his intruders.  “I may not know you,  but this palace has been asl but forgotten, just a few scribbled in the tomes and that one mural, your home has been reduced to less than whispers, you’re merely paintings on a cave wall.”  Emerald Stone said confidently.  The creature smirked, revealing sharp teeth.  “So they need a reminder, I’ll show them what happens when you wake the dead.” The creature mused to himself aloud, giving time for his audience to flee, an opportunity even they weren’t foolish enough to pass up. 
He started at the man and the women running away, as if they honestly stood a chance, but at that moment he felt gracious, the thrill of the hunt enticed him to pursue them, but something else convinced him to let them love after he caught them.  And so grew began to move with incredible speed, blocking off the exit the two so desperately saught.


The Problem With Pickup Lines

Little Gentian

Frost was firmly dug in at her table in the school café. It was midterms and anxiety was running high, while sanity was at a shocking new low. She was sure that the hours of sleep every student in the café had gotten over the past week, if added up, would probably be less than forty-eight total. Most of her peers had headphones jammed in their ears like her, and bleary desperation in their eyes. There were more cups of coffee in the room than people and if a conversation dared go louder than a murmur the culprits were shamed into silence with bloodshot glares.

As it was, Frost had one more paper to turn in and she was slogging through her final round of edits when it happened. She didn’t know where the guy came from, but he was suddenly standing across the table from her, his stunned-looking brown…

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One Year

May 24th, my mother’s birthday, for some reason last year on my mom’s birthday I decided to start a blog, an option many have suggested I do on multiple occasions.   Most notably my brother who insists I start a blog to reveiw anime I watch on Netflix, for some reason the concept seemed unappealing, even to this day the concept of that paticular blog is very far from appealing, which isn’t to say I won’t give it a try sometime, just that I have no idea why I decided to start a blog.  I forgot my reasoning, I think it may have been to promote myself for the eventual release of my book, but it ultimately allowed me to finish a completely different book, Beyond the Cutting Edge.  So yes, blogging has been a success, I’ve met interesting people and expanded my writing abilities, finished a book and had fun sharing my madness with the world.  What I’m trying to say, is thank you, thank you for reading, thank you for your time, thank you for everything, you have all enhanced my life.

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