Iron throne saga: the awakened

Grilled by hunger the creature awoke all but mindless, requesting the meal promised centuries ago. He glided gracefully to the interlopers thinking they were servants. “I need to eat after a resurrection, did they not teach you anything before allocating this duty in your less than capable hands.” The being barked at them his eyes glowing red. The creature was too hungry to noticed the obvious mixture of fear and confusion evident on their faces. He raised his hand to strike them down, but then a memory of the distant past, he decided to ignore the two for a moment. Which was more than enough time to instill rage. “What have you done to my resurrection chamber the entire device is comprised, how can I return to my synthetic death once I’ve accomplished the eternal queen’s task?” He questioned, fury replacing hunger momentarily. “EXPLAIN YOURSELF!” Screeched the creature, its form warped into the shape of a large shadowy demon. One of the interlopers finally spoke, “we just got here, we don’t know what’s going on either.” The female one pleaded. The creature returned to its initial form and fell over. “In that case I’ll need you to bring me to the surface, I’m too weakened in my current state, but maybe we’ll happen across fresh fruit or something.”


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