in the name of progress

      I want to feel like an adult, my age is now 22, that seems like a reasonable tone for that to happen.  So here’s my plan to become an adult.  I’ll clean my room two days out of the week I’m thinking wednesday or thursday and sundays.  In addition I shall aren’t education once more.  Signing up with a local university.  Sacred Heart, very reputable establishment, hopefully the kind of place that makes an echo into a productive member of society.  Also they have a pre vet program which leads me a step closer to my dream, so that’s funny too.  I  know it’s the responsible thing to do, but I’ve been too scared up until recently.  Don’t misunderstand me, the fear hasn’t lessened in the least I’ve just decided to do this anyway.  If you’re comfortable you’re not being challenged, and without challenge there can be no progress. 
      I am a creature of progress, that is why I must do this, that is why I am bound to move on, to go forth and test my metal.  I ask without freedom in this regard as this is beyond choice, all I can do is bide my time by amusing myself until my craving for the next adventure overcomes, and it is overcoming now.  And I am overcoming my problems soon.  Stay tuned a me saga in the echo chronicles shall be arriving shortly.



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