Iron throne saga: the chase

“Explain yourselves or die,” the creature said calmly as it he were staying the weather instead of the fate of his intruders.  “I may not know you,  but this palace has been asl but forgotten, just a few scribbled in the tomes and that one mural, your home has been reduced to less than whispers, you’re merely paintings on a cave wall.”  Emerald Stone said confidently.  The creature smirked, revealing sharp teeth.  “So they need a reminder, I’ll show them what happens when you wake the dead.” The creature mused to himself aloud, giving time for his audience to flee, an opportunity even they weren’t foolish enough to pass up. 
He started at the man and the women running away, as if they honestly stood a chance, but at that moment he felt gracious, the thrill of the hunt enticed him to pursue them, but something else convinced him to let them love after he caught them.  And so grew began to move with incredible speed, blocking off the exit the two so desperately saught.


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