The Basics of Writing Relationships, Part II: Beta-ing

The Daily Dahlia

(This is the second post in what will be a three-part series on Writing Relationships. For Part I, on Stalking, click here. Most things in there apply here too!)

If you’re a writer and you’re not familiar with the world of beta readers, you’re gonna wanna get real familiar, real fast. Beta readers are the absolute most useful tool when it comes to writing, second maaaaybe to the computer you’re writing on. What are they? Beta readers are people who read your finished manuscript and give you notes on what works and what doesn’t. Basically, they’re unpaid editors donating their time and expertise to help you make your manuscript better.

Sound simple? It is and it isn’t. The etiquette of beta-ing can be tricky, and a lot of the “rules” come with time and experience. Fortunately, I’ve got both, so here are my thoughts on beta reading, along with…

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