Lamp shade

I walked by a free stuff sign today, the day was bright warm and sunny not a cloud in the Sky, and the font was very friendly and oddly inviting, a bunch of stuff littered the sidewalk by the sign, but I hardly took note of it save for the large lamp on a small wooden coffee table, or was it a night stand, picked up this lamp from one night stand, there’s a joke in that I think. I’m unsure of any details other than the lamp it was, well is, beautiful no doubt I’ll add pictures of it in the morning for those of you weirdos who read these closer to their inception. Once I was home the lamps size became apparent, it was bigger than it seemed when out in the open, as if it grew, I thought this odd and reexamined the quality of the llano, the carved wood blending effortlessly with the metal giving it an antique look while still fitting in with even a modern decore, it was the perfect lamp, too perfect. Naturally I decided hey this could be haunted, isn’t this how every creepypasta ever begins. So I investigate further to figure out why anyone would just give up such a perfect lamp. It doesn’t actually work. No ghosts no gobblins, just a pretty lamp with a nice lamp shade, and zero light, plunging my planned night if reading into darkness. Not as scary as plunging into darkness sounds, I’ll leave it in the attic on the morrow.
If you thought this story was 2spooky4u than leave a comment or something, just remember, don’t turn off the light, it may just never come back on. Mwahahahahahahahhahahshaha!!!





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