Fear factor

So I’m here trying to write horror, which is a real problem, you see I’m what is classically known as a whimp. Meaning I don’t watch things that scare me, sure I read goosebumps all the time as mentioned in an earlier post I’ll forget to link to,(take this past me Goosebumps . That will teach him to doubt me.) but I even made sure to leave the room everytime my elder brother decided to watch are you afraid of the dark. And I’ve just revealed once more that I’m s 90’s kid. Anyway so the point here is I’m asking for recommendations, horror films. I want to start small and work my way up to true terror, so if anyone knows something that’s like a scary movie for beginners please comment.

Do you think an echo can scare and enare? What makes something spooky and not just cooky? Either way you could subscribe or summon Casper or something, could be fun.



3 thoughts on “Fear factor

  1. It’s hard to remember the mildly scary ones–it’s the scary ones that really stand out!–but maybe try some classic stuff? It’s not as realistic-looking and the soundtracks are less sophisticated. (Sound is *at least* half, probably more, of the scariness!) So you could go back to the B/W days, move up to the 50’s creature features and so on. From last mid-century, I love “The Blob”. Slow build, no fast-cuts but creepy as all get out. Good luck!!!

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