Fear washed over him, cleansing him of joy and purity.  His mind now freshly returned to its usual state of madness he could think with clarity once more.  “What did you say?” He asked the man in black.  “Merely that you’re going to die soon, and by my hand.” Replied the man in black, speaking with a machiavellian sophistication that chilled more than any drunken rage, it was a confidence that was much less than boastful, as there is no need to boast over an absolute certainty.  It sunk into him like the knife surely would soon, there was no escape.  “I don’t mean to frighten you, I’m just informing you ahead of time, you’re going to die by my hands, such is life.”  The man in dark said as he turned to leave.  “Get your affairs in order by next week tuesday, I’ll come to collect then, oh and…

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