Iron Throne Saga: Awakening


There was a spark, a chance, a small glimmer in the darkness. It caused a buzz, as if electric, that zap echoed through the chamber amplified by the deafening silence which occupied that place for centuries. “Maybe we really shouldn’t be down h here, even the eternal queen claimed the submerged palace is forbidden, we’ve broken one of the biggest taboos, and for what?” Chuck Stone worried aloud further trampling upon the sacred silence as his deep yet fearful voice echoed through the shadows of that regal cavern. “Shut up idiot, nothing is sacred, not since the rise of Nal V’hual, we need all the help we can get to defeat the usurper king.” Emerald Stone hissed at her foolish brother. She then willed a light with her magic, in other to find the trace of the sound. That was when they saw him, mummified before them, a pitch black…

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