That sinking feeling.

You find yourself falling, is it a dream how did you get there? You’re a bit to frazzled to recall, maybe you were pushed maybe you’ve got bigger things to worry about right now. You notice a cloud, or it could be ground fog. You start trying to accept the impending trying to stay positive to the bitter end, at least life hadn’t been terrible, well the parts of it you can recall. You suddenly realise you have no memories before falling. Well at least you can enjoy the wind rushing through your hair rippling it. You’re convinced it wasn’t this long before but you can’t be sure due to a lack of memories. You shed a single tear knowing your life is done, then you hear a noise. Like the voice of an angel calling a name, is it your name? You can’t tell you don’t remember your name. You look up and see a sky diver demanding you pull you chute now. You notice you’re wearing a parachute you pull and hope for the best. That night in the hospital they diagnose your brain condition, you had a mental break down but your memories should return just no more sky diving for a while and new anti anxiety pills.
But that’s fine you no longer have that sinking feeling, you know you’re safe.

I got bored and wrote something silly. Hope you liked tried out second person because reading it gives me a headache I’m so mean. You should comment or subscribe maybe go skydiving, could be fun.



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