qurrey letter

So as many of you know, I’m a writer, I even wrote an entire book last November, good times good times. As many of you also know, never been published, so I’m trying to fix that. Long story short, if anyone has time, could you maybe look this thing over and like tell me if I sound professional and you know, not like a crazy person. THanks for your time.

I’m (Name withheld) I’d like to talk to you about a personal project of mine. Beyond the Cutting Edge, a Mystery Fantasy novel about a young con artist/ thief who finds himself framed for a murder and has to solve the crime before something truly terrible happens. It takes place in the fictional town of Cutting Edge a place named after the factory and corporation that once was the very life force of their economy, the giant abandoned factory is now all that remains of the company. Those that live in the town know, something bad happened a long time ago, forcing business to leave, causing the town of Cutting Edge to be a place in decay. This is the story of one man’s struggle to not only free himself of blame and restore his name, but to bring to light what lies, beyond the cutting edge. The story focuses on themes of truth and freedom nature vs the mechanical, as well as redemption and remorse. Additionally I try to bring my slightly above layman’s understanding of biology into play in everything I write. The whole affair is approximately 50,000 words long and the target audience is young adults. I’m a 22 year old currently trying to save up enough money to attend college where I can study, biology.


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