Dragon’s Day 2014

I’ll post an excerpt from WOlfBite, to mark the occasion, what occasion is that?  Why the second annual Dragon’s Day of course, some random holiday I made up last year, isn’t that interesting. I should post a link to last year’s explanation, let’s see if I remember to do


Alex ran from room to room he felt like he had caught his second wind.  Alex ran into a room and saw a dragon up in the air.  Before he had, a chance to think fire rushed from the beast’s mouth straight towards him.  Alex jumped to his right instinctually and charged towards the flying beast.  Alex jumped as high as he could and landed on the dragon.  The dragon staggered for a moment then it restabilized itself in the air.

For a moment, Alex was riding the dragon.  When the winged beast realized what was happening, it started to furiously twist and turn in the hopes of making Alex fall to his demise.  Alex’s whole plan was based off that reaction.  Soon the dragon flew into a wall Alex jumped off at the last second.

Alex watched the dragon hit the ground before him.  Once on the ground, Alex began to laugh.  ‘Taking down a dragon is a lot easier then it sounds,’ Alex thought to himself as he left the room.  Soon Alex ran into Fang by then he had been in the Thunder Temple for a few hours.  Fang was exhausted from running away from a pair of dragons.  Fang took Alex to the room with the dragons.  Facing two dragons was a lot easier than just one for Alex.  He started the same way he did with the one dragon before.  Before he knew it, he got the two dragons attacking each other.  Fang was dazed in amazement as the two dragons destroyed each other above them.



Also there’s a youtube video I intend to upload soon, so that will go here
http://youtu.be/pwOqGBNZ6As too



Hope you Enjoyed this Dragon’s day.




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