I should post something.

I should write a post!
What about echo? Maybe the way I feel when it rains? That would take years to explain and be super boring. How about I tell a story? No one likes your short stories they don’t even make sense. What if I update people on what’s going on in my life. Why would anyone even pretend to care?
What’s the point of having a blog of you’re just going to shoot down all my ideas? Just stop having terrible ideas and you can post till your heart’s content. Hmm, game theory? What do you mean, use your words if you intend to be a writer. Well I’ve been learning the basics of it maybe if I wrote about it my mind could better grasp the subject. How would that benefit others you’re just being selfish. What if I ask the audience what to post next? It’s allowed but a waste as no one will comment. Well you’re just rather depressing. Shut up echo.

If you want to see a subject be rambled on in this manner comment below, thanks for readings conversation with myself.



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