Random excerpt from that sequel I’m working on.

There was a sound, like the beating of a heart. Tom Gray awoke without stirring, as still as stone, he listened intently to the sound as it grew in volume. His mind whirred as he tried to figure out the cause of the disturbance. “You…” Tom said allowed as it hit him. He rushed out his room to catch what he now knew was an intruder. “Stop right there Tristan Bolt!” Tom shouted turning on the lights and pulling a blade from the coat he had been sleeping in. But as the rays illuminated the entirety of the home he saw not Tristan but some unknown threat. A man with green hair. “So the Bolt child lives? I’ll see to that soon enough.” The man said in a dry raspy voice. “W-who are you?” Tom asked as he began to shake with fear. Something about this man terrified him far more than anything he had ever seen. “I don’t answer to the pitiful.” The man with green hair replied as he walked through a wall like a ghost.

This is from the sequel to Beyond the Cutting Edge. Spooky isn’t it?
If you enjoyed this random, then drop on the deck and flop like a fish, or better yet leave a comment.



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