What is a professional blog?

As mentioned in my previous blog I’m trying to get into the whole free lance writing thing because being broke and looking for a job with an empty resume got pretty tiring and anyone can go back through my many posts about marching through miles of snow to interviews I knew I wouldn’t get. The point here being I’ve shown dedication to my work ( or lack there of) in the past and I’d apply that gladly to any work I get in the future. “Work to exhaustion when you’re young.” But when asked for examples of my writing abilities I find myself at a loss. As the majority of my words have been lost over the years. As zany and intentionally non professional as I’ve been this may still be the best example of my writing prowess. Which is sad. Don’t get me wrong I’ve enjoyed blogging, sort of. But I never expected it to be something I’d use to help get a job. I probably would have been a bit more serious or actually correct my spelling and grammar.
Like it or not, I’m not always professional. And thinking about it of this is both the beys and worst of me, I rate about a seven out of ten. Someone will hire me.

Thanks for listening to me rant about my troubles might I suggest you leave helpful advise in the comments or maybe even buy yourself some ice cream you deserve it champ.



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