Short and Sweet Advice For Writers: Stop Putting Yourself Down

Live to Write - Write to Live

girl pig insultIf you’re like most writers (even the working ones), you would like to spend more time (and make more money) writing. You might write as a side hustle, pro bono, or “just for fun.” Or, if you’re like me, you might make your living writing, but only because you do a lot of commercial (vs. creative) work – copywriting, content marketing, etc.

My writing life includes bits of each of these scenarios. I make my living writing website content, ebooks, reports, blog posts, etc. (primarily, but not exclusively, for corporate, business-to-business – B2B – clients in the technology and marketing industries). I take on the occasional side project to write a paid feature for an arts or lifestyle magazine. I also write a bi-weekly column for my local paper as a pro bono gig. And, finally, I journal, blog, and write fiction “just for fun.”

That’s a lot of writing.

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My words are so predictable and self defeating sometimes. I wonder why I was so upset?

Ace, The Jester

Do I not know enough words? Have I not had enough practice? Yet every time it really matters I say the wrong thing. I can wax poetics about a ring the efficacy of bing or why I shouldn’t sing. But when it really matters I trip over my own lines. It sound so forced it sounds demanding it sounds morose, worth reprimanding. When it truly matters I just can’t say a thing. I can rant out this whole speech in less than a minute but when I wish to be frank with you I thank the stars for giving me a chance to show my flexibility by stuffing my foot into my mouth. Sure at the drop of a hat I can write a love poem, I can tell a story, I can tell you about the way the world works, but when it truly matters, you’ll need someone else.

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