Story time?

Hey guys, who wants to hear an echo read some stories?
okay then….

Well Maybe I’ll just do it anyways, I am Project Echoshadow and I will read whatever I want, roar

I’m going to read some stories and post them on my YouTube.  Because sounds like fun


Good Game?

I decided I’m probably going to read this, (more likely adlib and improvise a mock version of this) on my YouTube channel

But for the one or two of you who read this, you get to read the slightly better version, and you get it before the rest of the world.  True hipster every last one of you.

Video Games are multifaceted. Which is a funny word meaning it’s not just one thing, or more specifically it has multiple aspects which one can talk about or ways to view it. So I can talk about how much I love one game for having such a rich and compelling story, then go and Play a game like Mario Kart which for the record, zero story. So what makes a game good? The answer is simple, there is no such thing as a perfect game because video games aren’t just one thing that you can perfect, they are many thing interwoven and each game focuses on these aspects to varying degrees.
This is my list of some of the more obvious thing games can focus on. Just because a game doesn’t focus as much on one aspect as another doesn’t make it bad, a game is only truly terrible when it fails across the board

Game Play, how it feels to actually control the game, do my inputs feel important, am I actually doing something or am I just watching a movie?

Story, Is this a game where you just suddenly start jumping on goombas for no reason like most Mario games, or is this a narrative the Mario RPG started you off with story by having you walk right up to Bowser and seeing a giant sword fall from the sky before you even see a pixel of Goombas.

Wold, This one is the one I’m going to focus on, because newer games have it made, their fancy graphics make it so easy to make the world immersive without doing anything at all. So many detail background leaves move with the wind. But as I play mostly older games when making an actual world took more creativity it was something that was often over looked and I feel is usually still ignored today, though it’s less important due to the stuff I just said about how it can almost be done without trying today.

Notice my list of the three aspects I want aren’t necessarily graphics focused (though you could argue it does add to world building.) this is because I don’t care about graphics, half as much as most seem to. There are black and white films better than modern films and it’s not because modern films suck it’s because I think all movies should focus on strong narratives and world building. So let me now list some of my favorite games and state which aspect I think embodies them best.

For Game play I’ll go with Kirby’s Air ride, I just love the way it plays like a cross between Mario Party and Mario Kart. It has no story but it’s so responsive all the rides feel distinct and the controls are so simple you can play with one hand. (No clue why you’d want to)
For Story I think I’ll go with Majora’s Mask, I think it may be the first time I ever played a game where death felt real, I mean that one fish guy was still dead when you traveled back in time, even the Goddess of time couldn’t save him. I couldn’t help but feel a mixture of sympathy and hatred towards SkullKid as he was warped by that accursed artifact. The story wasn’t intrusive; it was always there though, whenever you looked up Plot point was staring down at you, grinning, as if to say, “Did you forget about me?” Parts of the game read almost like a creepypasta. Ultimately it left me with more questions than answers, mostly bout HMSM.
For world Building I Submit EarthBound my personal favourite game, the entire thing feels so zany but it’s all oddly consistent for such a nonsensical place, I could imagine a world like that actually existing. Whenever I play, it’s not for the story which is enjoyable but not all that unique, all the controls which aren’t terrible but most RPG’s feel pretty similar to me so I can’t really give it priority over say Final Fantasy or breath of Fire. But the way the game is filled with both friends and foes that fit this ridiculous theme. Apple Kid is my spirit animal.


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