Issolation Is My Friend

Hey, when was the last time you went three days without talking to anyone at all?
No communications, no interactions, just you on your own.  Not for some grand purpose or anything, just because that’s how the schedules end up working out.  It’s great I loved it.  Happened to me last week.  So what does an echo do when left alone for too long?  Go insane again. (Obviously)  People keep acting like it’s always a problem when your grasp on reality is tenuous at best but if your reality isn’t pristine then why not indulge in a few supplemental ones from time to time?  Isn’t that the whole idea behind going to movies and watching tv anyways?  Let me stare at a fake thing and pretend it’s real for a few hours.  I forgot what my original point was but forget all of that because I feel more creative than ever thanks to my super solitude.  Now to go say sorry to everyone I know for ignoring them for days at a time…

If you enjoyed this, well then I’m sorry but you probably need to see a professional or something.  Or you know just like leave a comment or something I don’t actually know what I’m talking about.  (Obviously)