Because Earthbound

So I want to talk about my favourite game Earthbound, its totally rad.

I’m sure I’ve talked about it way too much. Like in Blog Posts and obviously on my YouTube Channel.
But who cares about any of those random excuse to share links? Let’s talk about gaming.  Now Earthbound is similar to a joke.  By which I mean it sets up expectations then shatters them.  This is evident even in its bizarre marketing campaign. Fans of the game may know this already but “this game stinks” was posted on all adverts in the america.  because we don’t care you’ll love this game anyway.  (That’s even worse than “No tears until the end” ) So the game obviously doesn’t stink, or I wouldn’t be talking about it I would have left it back in the nineties with all those other things I can’t even remember,  and Earthworm Jim. So here’s how the game works.  It starts off  in a modern setting. Which was unheard of in RPG’s which were pretty much all scifi (read syfy) or fantasy (Chrono Trigger was both these things) But Earthbound went against expectations. This game from its very start was something fresh and new, from add to this the varried music that could switch from a Techno cover of Johnny B. Goode to something strange and confusing as Boris’s Cocktail.  Seriously, what even is this game. I love it, it destroys expectations and if you’re ever in a phone call telling someone what’s going on while you play this game you’ll end up saying things like, “Hold on some slugs put  me to sleep in a cave”  or “I think this cop just called me fat, I’m going to  hit him in the face until I get a hamburger.”  or later in the game you’ll end up saying “I don’t think adding that bow to the UFO made it all that pretty.” or “I have no idea why the lights went out in this mall but I’m going to destroy this coffee.”
I bet that didn’t make sense to you,  well then maybe you need to talk to someone at 

If you enjoyed this, go find the game, I don’t care how.



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