Naming problems 

So for a while I’ve found names are meaningful to me, in my youth I began calling myself Applejuice many of my highschool friends still address me as such, I had a ver logical reasoning for this. Names are labels, they’re a representation of who and what you are, but they’re given by your parents when they first meet you, they don’t yet know you. Your name could be accurate, but doubtful, more likely you’re just used to it. Names have meanings some of us have names that mean something very different from what we are.  A prime example that springs to mind is Christopher Hitchens, he was a famous atheist and great writer, the name Christopher means walks with Christ. One can imagine his parents guessed wrong. Names are an art form most no longer care for, but I do. I struggle with naming characters because I know they’ll be wrong but I try to remind myself the same holds true for real life. I plan to when I somehow become a responsible adult with a wife one day, start a family.  So on rare occasion I allow my daydreams to ponder baby names for my offspring, I like the name Vers, it means truth. 

The point I wanted to make was this, my pen name in the blogging world is Echoshadow not Echo Shadow, I’m sure it doesn’t matter to you but it does to me. I’m trying to be less annoyed with it because that’s stupid and petty, truly it is. But I did decide for it to be one name, there’s even a full title version (several) Project Echoshadow the of Dark.  I’m also fond of being referred to as Echo.   I like to sound fancy. None of this should matter to me, but ur does. I’ll try to get over it.  But this is where I go to rant, so I’m ranting. 

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Ever wonder what scares an Echo?

Yesterday I spoke freely of love (wait wrong link) so now I shall share some fears. 



Nothing scares me more than this, power corrupts and I don’t know what I will become, or more importantly what I’ll do to my loved ones.  This is undoubtedly what holds me back in life. 


I know what will happen if I don’t succeed and it’s not filled with enough gumdrops to fill my plastic pumpkin if you know what I mean. ( I bet you don’t that should be a saying though)  So I refuse to be crippled by one fear because of the other fear. If I am to become a monster to achieve my dreams, then such is life. 

I only did two because that way love wins, so that’s funny too. 


Tribus Day

As you may or may not know (probs not) I love made up holidays. So let’s deal with this Tribus Day thing. Let’s see I just list three things I love. So what does an Echo love? Most things are liked, but true love. I guess I’d have to start with. 

Jus de pomme ( apple juice )

 The golden icor is the nectar of the gods, liquid life itself every sip makes me feel closer to perfection and I have a serious addiction to it too. But I have it under control. 

For now…


When I put pen to paper become a creator I can finally feel control for once in this chaotic world I have power and it feels so good. Almost nothing can compete with the feeling I get when I’m just three sentences in and my stories seem to come from nowhere just a constant flow of ideas I feel like a god. This too is an addiction I have some level of Control over. 


My shining Nova is the most important thing in my life and is an addiction I have no control over. 

Tribus Day complete!

So there, I was friendly and joined the festivities, but I think I did it wrong?

Who knows


Tin Pinapple 

once there was a fruit made of metal, a copper Apple so well polished everyone in town coveted it. They people of the town tried their best to share it freely but often someone would grow greedy and try to hide it for themselves. He elder saw the unrest the mysterious fuox fruit began and pondered a solution. Then came Gromulous the travelling blacksmith. He took one look at the metallic marvel and explained “So that’s where me pa’s prizes possession ended.”  The elder seeking to bring peace offered to return him this cursed curiosity, but Gromulous refused seeing the rage grow on the townsfolk.  “Not only can you keep it, I’ve got something even better to help you share you’ll need more so here’s s basket of tin pineapples.” He announced setting down the basket and running from the town, those guys were creepy. 
I asked someone to pick two words not telling them why. Now you know. 



As many of you know I’m atypical, I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, I always say if you feel the need to change don’t wait for some special date.  I bring this up to say, I feel the need for a change. I’m tired of feeling sorry for myself whenever things don’t work out. Sure I get over it but I don’t have time to be sad for a week every time I fail, because I fail a lot, that’s what make me amazing not any skill or charm the fact that I get back up after I fail, so if I am to have a shot at victory I’ll play to my strengths and get back up even faster, I’ll write even more I’ll laugh even louder I’ll live better and I will find work, why? Because I’m Project Echoshadow and I never surrender. Give up now I’ll take you all on. I can handle the entire world with my eyes closed my hands behind my back and my shoes untied. To put this in simpler terms COME AT ME BRO. 

Now here’s the plan, I’ll get a job before this month is done I’ll work so hard they’ll never want me to leave. Next I’ll save up for that secret project I’ve been working on. Then I’ll buy a laptop to record YouTube with. I’ll keep making videos until I’m the biggest channel on the site or until it closes. I’ll g back to school in one or two years from now and have an excellent GPA, my dreams if vet school won’t be far off from there and I’ll release book after book to my local library and online. Life will be glorious and Echo shall be victorious. I’m always doing everything I can to help others succeed, it’s finally my turn. The time has come to stand and fight. 
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