As many of you know I’m atypical, I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, I always say if you feel the need to change don’t wait for some special date.  I bring this up to say, I feel the need for a change. I’m tired of feeling sorry for myself whenever things don’t work out. Sure I get over it but I don’t have time to be sad for a week every time I fail, because I fail a lot, that’s what make me amazing not any skill or charm the fact that I get back up after I fail, so if I am to have a shot at victory I’ll play to my strengths and get back up even faster, I’ll write even more I’ll laugh even louder I’ll live better and I will find work, why? Because I’m Project Echoshadow and I never surrender. Give up now I’ll take you all on. I can handle the entire world with my eyes closed my hands behind my back and my shoes untied. To put this in simpler terms COME AT ME BRO. 

Now here’s the plan, I’ll get a job before this month is done I’ll work so hard they’ll never want me to leave. Next I’ll save up for that secret project I’ve been working on. Then I’ll buy a laptop to record YouTube with. I’ll keep making videos until I’m the biggest channel on the site or until it closes. I’ll g back to school in one or two years from now and have an excellent GPA, my dreams if vet school won’t be far off from there and I’ll release book after book to my local library and online. Life will be glorious and Echo shall be victorious. I’m always doing everything I can to help others succeed, it’s finally my turn. The time has come to stand and fight. 
You liked this post admit it and click that star thing that say like. Have an amazing day, the Echo is reborn.  


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