Tin Pinapple 

once there was a fruit made of metal, a copper Apple so well polished everyone in town coveted it. They people of the town tried their best to share it freely but often someone would grow greedy and try to hide it for themselves. He elder saw the unrest the mysterious fuox fruit began and pondered a solution. Then came Gromulous the travelling blacksmith. He took one look at the metallic marvel and explained “So that’s where me pa’s prizes possession ended.”  The elder seeking to bring peace offered to return him this cursed curiosity, but Gromulous refused seeing the rage grow on the townsfolk.  “Not only can you keep it, I’ve got something even better to help you share you’ll need more so here’s s basket of tin pineapples.” He announced setting down the basket and running from the town, those guys were creepy. 
I asked someone to pick two words not telling them why. Now you know. 


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