Tribus Day

As you may or may not know (probs not) I love made up holidays. So let’s deal with this Tribus Day thing. Let’s see I just list three things I love. So what does an Echo love? Most things are liked, but true love. I guess I’d have to start with. 

Jus de pomme ( apple juice )

 The golden icor is the nectar of the gods, liquid life itself every sip makes me feel closer to perfection and I have a serious addiction to it too. But I have it under control. 

For now…


When I put pen to paper become a creator I can finally feel control for once in this chaotic world I have power and it feels so good. Almost nothing can compete with the feeling I get when I’m just three sentences in and my stories seem to come from nowhere just a constant flow of ideas I feel like a god. This too is an addiction I have some level of Control over. 


My shining Nova is the most important thing in my life and is an addiction I have no control over. 

Tribus Day complete!

So there, I was friendly and joined the festivities, but I think I did it wrong?

Who knows


20 thoughts on “Tribus Day

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  2. You did it exactly right! And even if you had done it wrong, I have a feeling it’d be wrong the way the Atlantic Ocean is wrong– which is to say, inherently right to the rules that make what it is what it is. 🙂

    But hurrah! I love the minecraft image for writing… it really is creation, isn’t it? So… awesome!

    Happy Tribus, Echo.
    Thank you for playing along. ❤

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