Naming problems 

So for a while I’ve found names are meaningful to me, in my youth I began calling myself Applejuice many of my highschool friends still address me as such, I had a ver logical reasoning for this. Names are labels, they’re a representation of who and what you are, but they’re given by your parents when they first meet you, they don’t yet know you. Your name could be accurate, but doubtful, more likely you’re just used to it. Names have meanings some of us have names that mean something very different from what we are.  A prime example that springs to mind is Christopher Hitchens, he was a famous atheist and great writer, the name Christopher means walks with Christ. One can imagine his parents guessed wrong. Names are an art form most no longer care for, but I do. I struggle with naming characters because I know they’ll be wrong but I try to remind myself the same holds true for real life. I plan to when I somehow become a responsible adult with a wife one day, start a family.  So on rare occasion I allow my daydreams to ponder baby names for my offspring, I like the name Vers, it means truth. 

The point I wanted to make was this, my pen name in the blogging world is Echoshadow not Echo Shadow, I’m sure it doesn’t matter to you but it does to me. I’m trying to be less annoyed with it because that’s stupid and petty, truly it is. But I did decide for it to be one name, there’s even a full title version (several) Project Echoshadow the of Dark.  I’m also fond of being referred to as Echo.   I like to sound fancy. None of this should matter to me, but ur does. I’ll try to get over it.  But this is where I go to rant, so I’m ranting. 

If you enjoyed reading about my pettiness then you have problems, but consider clicking the like button any ways.  How about you comment little things that annoy you which really shouldn’t as well so I can feel slightly less insane? No? Okay then…



6 thoughts on “Naming problems 

    • I don’t really know what I’m talking about most of the time. But I’m pretty sure there’s a star shipped button somewhere…
      Not important. Thanks for reading.


  1. What happened to your like button? I require that button, haha. 😀
    Names overwhelm me and though I like Applejuice as a name… it’s not my favorite drink…

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