Spooktacular day to you all.  



Yup I know the days of the week, and no I couldn’t be bothered to title the post!


Hey guys, it’s Echo I’m just here in location undisclosed  taking care of an elderly person for money. It’s a very easy job. It’s mostly waiting and I’m good at that, with this smart phone I can use the time between cleaning and feeding this person to do so many things. But usually I don’t. Also since I now have money I’ve been considering purchasing a laptop, anyone here know anything about technology?  Please provide me with information so I don’t get ripped off, that does happen to people. Any ways I’m mostly posting this because it seemed only fair to post at lest a few more times before the onslaught that is November. I don’t want to spoil too much but it involves peppers and a dino. 

“No one knows why we wear these masks, but I think when we put them on, we become our true selves.”


Remember thanks 

When all the stars align and my future seems less bleak, when my endless days of searching are replaced with diligently care taking. I am living completely differently from how I once did, I’ve reached the next step in my journey, there’s an urge to look ahead keep on fighting forever! There is no stopping, work to exhaustion when you’re young. And all of that nonsense is valid but I don’t exactly want to burn out right away so I’m going to need someone to remind me to congratulate myself. I did it, part of me had given up on ever attaining my dreams. I may still have far to go, but I have made progress and I shouldn’t forget what I’ve done. 
Life is good for the old Echo, hope your day is going well wish me luck and such in the comments area. 


I know you’re reading this

I’m not crazy ( well maybe but that’s neither here nor there) I know you’re reading this.  Peering over my words wondering what kind of guy calls himself Echo, and rants about such mindlessness. I know you’re looking it over as you go about your day, chuckling to yourself at how silly people can be.  But I don’t know you, at all. Are you here wondering what I’ll say next? Is this some big Echo mystery? What will he do? Who is he?  Potatoes!  Why did he say potatoes?  Are you here because you’re curious, or perhaps you’ve found my stories compelling.  Do you read these on the go on when your day starts to slow?  Do you read these all the time? Do you love when I start to rhyme?  I don’t, enough of that. Why are you here? Do you want to be my friend? Do I sound wise? Do I entertain you? Or maybe you’re here because I sound so crazy and you’re hoping I’ll blow my top or something?  Bad news there, that only happens to those fighting their madness I’m using mine. So I know you’re reading this, but please tell me why? 

Here’s a thing I bet most writers feel at one point or another. 


So here’s a post I’m writing while feeling uninspired about how to become inspired, I’ll let you know if it works. 
Usually if I absolutely need to write then I’ll start off by doing the dumbest writing ever I find the act of writing itself opens my floodgates and my endless stream of words appear.  Without my usual creativity nothing good can come but if I say it’s okay to be bad for now I can write badly and my voice returns quickly begging me to fix those words with a bit of Echo magic. This works almost every time so I’m confident this November will be a huge success, doubts have nothing on “I can’t do worse than that if I tried” which is what I write to get back in shape.  It’s simple beautiful elegant and please excuse me I’m off to go write a story about something magical, maybe that old story I lost and half remember about the creature. That one was fun I can restart it.  
Try this, see if it works, comment here telling me if it did.